Dental Implant

Sometimes when playing football games or riding bikes or other sports, you may fall due to any reason. And this fall may cause a tooth go missing! Now the empty place of the fallen tooth will look so ugly that you’ll be uncomfortable when smiling or even talking. This bad feeling will even destroy your communication with people. Other than the bad looks and bad feelings which damage our confidence, a full crew of teeth is needed in order to process our food properly.

Some people decide to live with it and not to pay any attention to their bad look but some of them accept it and go to a Doctor to fix it!

That is where the Dental Implant’s story begins. Let’s just simply explain it, the detailed explanation will be right down below. Dental Implant will simply place a fake tooth (not Natural) in where the Natural tooth is missing. This Implant of course needs a great Dentist to place it in the right and useful place.

The amount of pain will be almost zero thanks to numbing injections and the scars are NOT even visible in your mouth and under the implant so you do not need to be worried about scars like any other implants or surgeries.

How Long will Dental Implants Last?

This is the most common question that each patient who had Dental Implants done ask their Dentist. It is really really hard to answer this question because Dental Implants do not have any expiry date.

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So to estimate the time that an Implant lasts we can say as long as the Medical condition of the patient is stable and the patient is balanced. And also if inside the mouth he or she had good Bones and the Gum is healthy around the Implant and the other teeth are also healthy, there is no reason for the Implant to fail. According to on going studies, the implants in great condition last for more than 30 years which is a great time! These studies have also proofed that with great care, Dental Implants will even last longer because Bacteria’s can not infect them and they will not need any Dental need. All you will need to do is to do whatever your Dentist wants you to do.

Titanium vs. Zirconia Dental Implants

Titanium Implants have been around since 1960s. Titanium is one of the most abandon Metals in the world and it has a low grade of Electrical conductivity which is probably one of the reasons why the Cells of the Bones love the Titanium and attach on to it very very tightly. Other Metals have been tried before for Dental Implants but all of them failed and did not work because the Cells did not accept them so Titanium is not only used in replacing missing teeth but also in replacing Hips, Knees and etc. On the other side we have Zirconia which is not a Metal and it is actually Ceramic. Zirconia is used when the patient’s body is allergic to Metal and they prefer not to have any Metal in their body. Zirconia is a little bit expensive compared to Titanium because the process of making it is different and the techniques are also different when it comes to placing the Implants.

Difference between Dental Implants and Dental Bridges

First lets talk about Dental Bridge. Your Dentist will cut down a part of the teeth next to the space and place a Bridge which goes from one tooth to the other to support the lost and empty tooth in the middle. The problem with Dental Bridge is that sometimes you see a cave appear between the tooth and the tooth on neither side may be lost because of it and if that happens the whole Bridge will not be able to hold its position and it will fail. So as you can guess, Implants are much better because they separate the teeth and whatever happens to the other side of the Implant will not effect the Implant. Another benefit of the Dental Implant is that it will fix the loss of bone under the missing tooth which will still appear with the Bridge because the Bridge has nothing to do with the bone.

What age is better to do Dental Implants

The great thing about this Dental treatment is that everyone at any age can do it.

Risks and Dangers of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are so common these days that almost every person you meet would have had this treatment or at least knows someone who has done it. Millions of people have done Dental Implants in order to achieve a beautiful smile. Now we want to talk about the risks and dangers of this surgery. Like any Surgical or Dental procedure, patients will face swelling and bruising after Dental Implants. The amount of Bruising or Swelling is depended on how you Dentist does your Implants or on how your body reacts to Dental Implants. Some patients have very little Swelling or very little bruising and some are a little bit worse.

But good news is these bruises and Swelling will end in few days after surgery! As we all know out body needs a little time to accept the unknown part (Implant) but until then, the WBCs (White Blood Cells) will try to remove the object and this obviously causes Swelling, Bruises and sometimes pain. But as we already said, once the body accepts the Implant which takes few days, it will all be gone. Other than these, there is no specific Risk related to this surgery. Make sure to choose the right Doctor for yourself because the placing and the techniques are very important since the Implant will stick with you a life time!

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