Demonstrated in sports Essay

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Demonstrated in sports

Sportsmanship can not only be seen and demonstrated in sports, but also in our daily lives in many ways. I believe that the values learned in sports are also applicable to everyday life. Interaction with my siblings is one example. We should not fight over small things like who shall have what or who shall lead who. Everyone should have a part and each of us should enjoy the activities we are doing. I won’t tease them and won’t lose my temper with them. I will put them before myself. In school, even if I am not the star, I should still enjoy and have fun with my classmates.

I will not cheat during quizzes and exams just to be on top. I will just try my best in getting good grades. I will also acknowledge my classmates’ good performances, congratulate them for getting an A when tests are handed back to us. When my friends have goals, I won’t tell them that it’s impossible to reach. Instead, I will help them achieve their goals by supporting them. Although the high levels of competition and the pressures from family and school can put a strain on maintaining sportsmanship, it is still the more important characteristic.

Winning is not everything. Sportsmanship is more important than winning. It is treating people with respect. It includes small gestures like shaking hands and acknowledging good works. A child like me who practices good sportsmanship is likely to carry the respect and appreciation of other people into every other aspect of life. Through this, I am also gaining new skills, new friends, and attitudes that can help all through life. Everyday many opportunities occur that one can put into practice sportsmanship.

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