Demographic Transitions Essay

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Demographic Transitions

This assignment was really interesting and a little tricky. The outcome of this assignment was to learn how to write a clear procedure. In my assignment, there were a few mistakes that I committed such as in the second step where I was instructed to put a medium sized bottle and, in the end I should paint small windows through which you could enjoy an underwater view. This particular instruction, however, was optional. I was also instructed to paint lots of cabinets, a little trap door, and windows to make the submarine even more colorful.

I had to make 3 objects from the directions of others, but, I didn’t find any flaws in those directions. My experience in building a submarine using items found at home was very refreshing and educational. I had experienced and accomplished this kind of activity when I was in high school so, for me it wasn’t new. My inspiration for the project came when I was watching the history channel where a particular show featured a submarine, so, I just took that idea and made my own submarine with different sized bottles and adhesive tape.

There were other objects to be made for this activity, but these were relatively easy and simple to make, as long as I followed the directions. As a whole, I had a very enriching and educational experience. When I finally ended the activity, I decided to make modifications and use a medium sized bottle instead, as well as paint on the additional/optional details to make my submarine more realistic and more colorful.

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