Demographic and Environmental Timeline- Italy Essay

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Demographic and Environmental Timeline- Italy

Historical Changes–Defeat and abdication of Napoleon; Formation of the Congress of Vienna.

Birth & Death Rates–Death rates and birth rates were both high and fluctuated rapidly according to natural events, such as drought and disease, to produce a relatively constant and young population. Stage 2

Environmental Impacts—Environmentally, the impact hasn’t really began, however, the building and use of coal operated factories has begun a slow rise in air pollution as well as in the water run-off.

Historical Changes– The Industrial Revolution began and that encouraged progression into this stage. There was more urbanization, which encouraged families to be created. (Pearson Education, 2013)

Birth & Death Rates–This stage leads to a fall in death rates and an increase in population Stage 3
Environmental Impacts—The use of fracking is beginning throughout all of Italy, and most European countries, therefore beginning issues with fertile
soil and water tributaries.

Historical Changes— Italy joined the Axis powers in World War II, falling into a bloody Civil War in 1943, with the Fascist faction finally defeated in the spring of 1945.

Birth & Death Rates–The population moves towards stability through a decline in the birth rate. Stage 4
1970 Environmental Impact–Hydraulic Fracturing is still being used as a way to increase flow rate of natural resources. This practice has been accused of killing animals. (Krishna, 2012)

Historical Changes– Italy became an integral member of NATO and the European Economic Community

Changing Population Sizes—Population at this time is beginning to stabilize.

Birth & Death Rates–Birth and Death rates are both low, leading to a total population which is high and stable. Stage 5
Italy is still in Stage 4.

Krishna, K. (2012, March 7). Study suggests hydro-fracking is killing farm animals, pets | Cornell Chronicle. Retrieved September 16, 2014, from Pearson Education. (2013, October 3). Italy: History, Geography, Government, & Culture | Retrieved September 16, 2014, from

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