Demographic Essay Topics

Demographics question

The method used in this study was a survey. It consisted of attitudes towards HIV and sexual behaviour, HIV sero status information and sexual behaviour, sexual sensation seeking and demographics questions.¬†Surveys are lists of questions. This is the main way to gather information in social surveys. The person answering the questions is asked to fill… View Article

Training and staff availability

Training and staff availability was cited as a difficulty in all the studies outlined above. Even the survey methodology of many of the surveys was affected by the lack of staff availability; in many cases, churches did not even have a full-time staff member to answer the phones, making getting the attention of the pastor… View Article

Demographic Transitions

This assignment was really interesting and a little tricky. The outcome of this assignment was to learn how to write a clear procedure. In my assignment, there were a few mistakes that I committed such as in the second step where I was instructed to put a medium sized bottle and, in the end I… View Article

Does Population Growth Affect Economic Growth?

Population growth has its own effects on economic growth of a country, which can be negative or positive first we will look in to the negatively effecting factors of population growth: 1) Due to increase in Population Consumption Increases, which will decrease, GNP/GDP and Imports will increase and Exports Fall down Budget Defect is the… View Article