Demi Lovato Essay

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Demi Lovato

Inspirational, A role model and surpri whistlely talented. The three words that sum up Demi Lovato. Demi is a famous actress and vocalizer-song writer, who has millions of fans from around the world, including me, who look up to her for many things entirely the primary(prenominal) one is her admirable strength.

I think that Demi is talented is so many different ways; one of the things that she is amazing at is acting. Demi first appeared on TV in 2002 when she was on Barney and friends, but rose to her fame, when she starred as Mitchie Torres in camp rock, for Disney channel. She and so went on to do her own T.V show called sonny with a chance and also starred in Camp rock n roll 2. Demi is the best actress Disney has ever had, not to mention the best singer Disney ever had. Demi is the only Disney star that can actually sing and doesnt need auto tune, unlike the rest of the Disney stars who patois sing at all!

However in November 2010, Demi unfortunaly entered timber line Knolls treatment centre due to physical and emotion issues, she leave millions of fans worldwide worries about her, hoping she would be fine. When she finally came out in January 2011, she was a whole new different woman. Demi was now rigid woman.

Since then, Demi has had a very public and courageous recovery and has told commonwealth the real reasons why she put all her work on hold and entered Timberline Knolls. Demi said suffered from bullying and weight issues since she was a young girl and this caused her to do things that made her have a nervous breakdown. Demi starved herself and became anorexic and bulimic. In addition to this, Demi felt up like she wasnt worthy enough and as a result she decided to take it out on herself and distress herself. Demi also admitted that she did take drugs and used to drink large amounts of alcoholic beverage; she also revealed that while she was in the treatment centre she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar.

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