Dementia in the world Essay

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Dementia in the world

Alongside traditional A Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, QMC offers an A Level in Applied Science. This is an ideal course for pupils who have studied the GCSE Applied Science and who are interested in a science based career. COURSE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS General entry requirements are 5/6 GCSEs at C or above to include Double Science, English and Mathematics.

WHAT KIND OF JOB/DEGREE CAN THIS SUBJECT LEAD TO? Success in the A Level will enable you to apply for work in science based companies, the NHS or apply for Foundation degrees at university such as: FdSc Applied Medical Technology FdSc Medical Imaging (Radiography Technician) FdSc Medicines Management (Pharmacy Technician) FdSc Oncological Therapies (Oncology and Radiography Technician) FdSc Paramedic Science, currently available at Portsmouth DURING THE AS COURSE YOU WILL STUDY THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: In the AS year you will be studying 3 units which cover all 3 sciences. Two of the units are assessed by portfolio with the third unit being assessed by examination. This course is therefore best suited to students who find producing a steady flow of written reports preferable to sitting several exams at the end of the year. The portfolio units look at how science is put to use in the workplace.

You will visit a range of local organisations and see science in action. Back at College you will learn how to carry out some of the techniques that scientists use at work and write reports about issues relevant to the use of science. As you go you will build up a portfolio of evidence of your growing skills. The examined unit focuses on the use of science in healthcare.

You will look at how the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems work, and how they can be monitored and investigated. This will include considering the ethical issues involved when diagnosing and treating illnesses. DURING THE A2 COURSE YOU WILL STUDY THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: In the second year you will be learning how to carry out an extended investigation and then choose one you would like to study in depth. This investigation, and a unit on the techniques involved in genetic engineering and biotechnology, are both assessed by portfolio. A final examined unit brings together all the skills you have developed during the course on working as a scientist, including collecting samples, developing methods for carrying out tests, working safely, analysing data, and ensuring accuracy and reliability in all you do. HOW IS THIS COURSE ASSESSED? AS Level A2 Level 3 Units. 2 units portfolio evidence, 1 unit examination 3 Units. 2 units portfolio evidence, 1 unit examination

IF YOU REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION … Please contact the Head of Department, Dr Eddie Grimble, on (01256) 417500

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