Dementia Gateway Essay

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Dementia Gateway

Our learning material is designed to help you to work towards Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) units and will support you to work towards the Diploma in Health and Social Care at level 2 or 3. This document provides you with information about how the feature links to specific QCF units, and offers an activity which you could use to help demonstrate your learning. A general explanation about the QCF can be found at the end.

Linking to Health and Social Care Diplomas at Level 2 and 3
The learning in the feature  will help you to understand and prepare for assessment in the following QCF units:

Health and Social Care Diploma
Level 2

Health and Social Care Diploma
Level 3

SCH 021, SCH 022, HSC 026, Dem
201, Dem 202, Dem 205, Dem 308,
SSMU 2.1, Dem 204, Dem 210, Dem
312, HSC 2030

SCH 031, SCH 032, HSC 036, Dem
301, Dem 308, Dem 312

Activity to support your learning
The activity for can be used to provide evidence for the QCF units SCH 022 4.2 and SCH 032 5.2. To do this, copy the activity and this question into a Word document, then complete and keep a record of your answers in full there. Can you show what you’ve learnt from reading the feature and doing this activity? Answer these questions: The activities above ask you to reflect on your work or your workplace. Can you say how this reflection has improved your knowledge, skills and practice?

General Explanation
The Qualification and Credit Framework is a flexible, ‘mix and match’ approach to gaining qualifications. Every unit and qualification has both a credit value and a level. The credit value shows approximately how much time it takes to complete. The level shows how difficult the unit or qualification is. In adult social care there are vocational qualifications/units from level 1 through to level 7.

There are three sizes of qualification:

Award (1-12 credits)
Certificate (13-36 credits)
Diploma (above 36 credits)

In order to obtain a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care you will need 46 credits for a Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care you will need 58 credits. At both level 2 and level 3 there are mandatory units and optional units; you can also choose to follow specific pathways:

Generic qualification
Dementia pathway
Learning Disability Pathway
When you have selected a pathway there are specific units that you need to do. More information about QCF awards can be found at:

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