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I work in a mix residential home for the elderly, some of the clients, Dementia range from mild to severe. The clients are raised in a very different way to how I was raised and it is important that I must remember this and respect their this as we all have personal beliefs and preferences based on our background and upbringing. I have been brought as a Muslim where religious education was compulsory, however we still studied various other religions and were taught to respect all people and there beliefs.

Prayers were a daily thing at the end of each assembly and whether or not I wanted to pat attention to the prayer time again I had to respect the people that did. Religion may affect people in many different ways, mainly because we all come from different backgrounds and are taught differently. However, it is important to respect how people honor their religion.

I am an atheist however I still make time to talk to my clients about their religion even though my own beliefs it is not some thing that I choose to do as I know it makes the client happy it makes me happy to do this as I know it is some thing that they feel so strongly in and it is amazing at how much I really now look forward talking about it. It is part and parcel of the work that I do and part of showing the clients that we care about what makes them happy and respect their beliefs even if ours are different.

It is important to remember that my own personal preferences are different to others and I can’t expect others to think, act and feel the same way as I do. For example I like to shower daily and some times twice daily, some of my clients do not like water and some really do not like showers or baths I have to respect there decision if they prefer not to have one and explain if possible that it is in, religion to smell nice and clean if they ignore this is in religion only but what they have to understand its nature to try and stay clean.

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