Module Three within the Delta course

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Module Three (ELITE) is an alternative to the standard Module Three within the Delta course. It specifically aims to develop candidates’ knowledge of, and competence In: Candidates are advised to narrow down their selected ELITE specialist in order to research a pacific aspect in appropriate depth; for example, Staff development within HARM, or Introducing a new course within academic management. Chosen LET management specialist methods of situation analysis design of change proposals implementation of change proposals Overview of requirements Candidates’ work should demonstrate a sound grasp of general LET management principles and specific principles related to their chosen LET management specialist, as well as key principles of strategic management, organizational improvement and change management.

To achieve these aims, candidates need to: ; research a chosen LET Management pessimism ; understand and use appropriate methods of situation analysis for the chosen specialist in a specified language teaching operation (LTO) ; design a change proposal to overcome issues identified in the analysis ; design an implementation plan for their change proposal ; synthesis all their learning into a project which can be coherently presented to a third party.

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Having considered the general principles and implications of the ELITE specialist and chosen topic area, candidates should carry out an independent situation analysis of the chosen specialist leading to the design of a change reports relating to the area. Candidates should show how their proposal reflects the findings of the situation analysis and should consider how they would subsequently implement the proposed change bearing in mind the principles of change management.

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The full syllabus can be downloaded at http://www. Camaraderie’s. Org/exams/teach hint-awards/delta-modular. HTML The project will be reported in the form of an Extended Assignment (4,000-4,500 words, excluding appendices) and includes 5 parts: Module Three (ELITE) is assessed via an extended written assignment. Part 1 ,200 Situation analysis and commentary 1 ,oho part 3

Proposal and Justification Part 4 Implementation part 5 academic management human resource management (HARM) customer service marketing Introduction: Review and key issues part 2 Candidates must select one of the following specializes: Length Conclusion 200 Candidates who select to do ELITE as their specialist for the Delta Module Three need to have access to a language teaching operation (L TO) e. G. A language school or institution. They also need to consider how they will have access to the data/information they will need in order to proceed with their proposal.

For instance, if they are dealing with ‘Customer Service Management’, they will probably need to have access to customer feedback data, material which The total length may be between 4,000 and 4,500 words, but the proportion of words in each part should be approximately as indicated above, and must not exceed 4,500 in total. Assignment outline and guidance for Candidates synthesized a number of different key sources, typically at least 5-6 in Part 1. ; Where two specializes overlap, it is important that one specialist has the priority.

So, for example, a candidate may choose Customer Service as a specialist and then design a proposal which includes some ideas related to Marketing. In this case Customer Service would be the specialist and this would be discussed in Part 1. ; See note on page 1 re advisability of narrowing down the selected ELITE specialist in order to research a specific aspect in appropriate depth. No Part 1 Introduction Length: 1,200 words (plus or minus 10%) A brief rationale for choice of the ELITE specialist and review of the key issues.

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Module Three within the Delta course

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