Delinquency Essay Topics

Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction The term juvenile delinquency is used to refer to the illegal actions made by young people, also referred to as juveniles. This issue is drawing attention, and has become a social problem because it is alarming that these individuals can perform criminal acts at a very young age.  This issue has also been a… View Article

Concept of Delinquency

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service defines the offenses committed by status offenders as the following: “behaviors that were law violations only if committed by a person of juvenile status. Such behaviors include running away from home, ungovernability (being beyond the control of parents or guardians), truancy, status liquor law violations (e. g. , underage… View Article

Juvenile delinquency

The controversy surrounding the extent and causation of delinquency would be eliminated if a uniform meaning could be attributed to the term delinquency. This word however is not used in a uniform manner not only among individuals but also consistently by a single individual. Juvenile delinquency means and represents many things to many individuals. To… View Article