Deforestation in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest located in northwest South America. It contains some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet and is one of the most dangerous places to be. This is due to the fact that millions of different species of animals live there and plants of all sorts are found. Because it is so dangerous, many people do not to live there. However, some tribes still live in parts of the forest. One major factor that is tearing the rainforest apart is deforestation.

This is the cutting down or clearing of trees. Deforestation happens because people need land for farming and ranching. The need for land causes people to cut down the trees. If the Amazon has so many trees, what would it hurt to cut down a few? The problem is what the trees really mean to the surrounding area. Also, it adds up to a lot more than a few trees when a considerable number of people are cutting a huge number of trees.

Trees are very important in every biome. They provide humans with oxygen for breathing and give animals a place to live. They also preserve soil and supply animals with food. When cutting down a ton of trees at once in a certain areas, it causes many issues for the whole environment. Removing these trees creates animal endangerment and extinction, increased levels of gases in the atmosphere, soil erosion, and countless other problems that affect the wildlife involved.

The Amazon accommodates around ten percent of all the species on Earth.

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That is an extremely large number in a limited amount of space. Over 40,000 plants inhabit the Amazon. Clearing trees is clearing a numerous amount of homes. This forces a large animals to adapt to a whole new life and habitat. If the animal cannot make the change, it will die. When enough animals die, the species will soon become endangered. Examples of endangered animals in the Amazon are the red-faced Uakari, the poison dart frog, the giant otter, JocoToco Antpitta, and a plethora of others. Some animals are actually extinct in the Amazon Basin too. These may include the great boa, the piopio, or the laughing owl. Many of the animals are specifically birds that live in the trees that some humans heartlessly cut down. Life in the Amazon will continue to decrease if deforestation proceeds.

Soil erosion is another issue because of deforestation. When trees are taken from the ground, the soil is left open, leaving wind and other forces the perfect opportunity to blow the soil away with its nutrients. Plants that once grazed the dirt for miles are dying without their necessary nutrients. The ground also is then not as fertile for farming, which is the purpose of deforestation in the first place. The results are a negative effect compared to the little benefit that deforestation actually provides.

The atmosphere is a vital part of how humans live. Each year it is damaged by harmful gases that enter it. Trees absorb some gases such as carbon dioxide. With the world getting more populated each year, more humans breathe out this gas. More trees are needed. Instead, they are being stripped away, also stripping away our oxygen supply. This also makes the carbon dioxide amounts in the air rise. When trees are chopped, the release the the carbon into the atmosphere. Overall, cutting down the trees is not a positive result.

Mining also occurs in the Amazon rainforest. In order to mine, trees are also removed from their ground. Many valuable metals such as gold, silver, and diamond are found in the area. Miners take these nonrenewable resources at any cost. If they need to take away trees, they do. Especially if they are mining illegally, they do not replant these trees. This is an issue that causes people to strip trees away.

There is not a clear obvious solution to deforestation. It is an intricate problem that is going on all over the world. The Amazon has a huge biodiversity with lots of prized materials. Deforestation is taking away the beautiful nature of this environment to make it more useful to humans. If this keeps happening, it will eventually not even be useful to humans. One solution to deforestation is recycling. This is the reusing of materials. Paper comes from trees, so any paper products being recycled would be a big help to end deforestation. It does not just have to be paper either. It could be any wood related item. To end deforestation, there is not a quick, simple change . It will take a bunch of little things that do not seem important but are vital to changing the world.

Ecoforestry is the restoration of forests. This is the idea to restore the forest and maintain it, so it will be more useful in the future. It may not seem like an action of a single individual; however, strategies for imitating this mindset are there. One person simply cannot plant a forest and maintain it, but if many people planted merely a tree, that could add up. Another option would be to simply inform people that are not notified of this situation. It is not their fault they do not know. It is the fault of people that do know and neglect to telling others. Ignoring this very serious dilemma is what most do. That is why it continues to be a problem in our world today.

A set of rules or laws against clear-cutting needs to be enforced. Will people still cut trees illegally? Probably, but it will reduce the number immensely. Laws are meant to stop people from what they are doing. Every law has been broken; however, less and less people do it knowing the consequence. This is a very serious issue and needs to be reinforced. It is also not just in the Amazon. Deforestation provides the environment with little positive impact. If laws are put against it, people will realize the negativity it brings and the importance of the problem.

Deforestation is a very complex problem that can be only be resolved by doing little changes. The only way these changes would work is if everyone in the community contributed. The little things add up and can help the world as a whole. It will not be easy, but with this big of an issue, no solution is going to be. Many people do not realize how deforestation has impacted their environment or the significance of the matter. Recycling materials and creating laws may help repair the damage already done. The need to stop the cutting and clearing of trees rises each day that animals die from loss of habitat. Deforestation can be prevented and needs to be soon. Imagine a whole species dying off because of the actions of humans and what they did not do to stop it.

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