Definition of What Character Is in Our Life

What is character? All through life one is faced with trials in their character. Character is the example of considerations, acts shown, and emotions somebody appears to have over time. Character change is vital for an individual to communicate their certifiable self. Character focuses on finding the right objective, how to find the means it takes to get to that right objective and making a propensity on those means. Somebody with great character accepts they should use sound judgment and shows after some time that they quite often settle on decisions that are straightforward, deferential, reasonable, mindful, and dependable.

When building character, the moments in your life will help you grow into an individual with great character.

Character is developed over time. It requires some investment to build up our character. As Christians, one should show good characters by maintaining their image in God. More accurately, our character is developed through our capabilities and what we want learn and gain from them.

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Trials and tribulations are hard. We all experience them in some way. We can mask them, pretending they are not really there, but in all reality they are there. What I know is we cannot disregard them, and one must face them. Good character calls for one to be devoted, and that is something is not obligated for us to do. Faith will bring this to us if we sacrifice to have great character. Everybody’s character has blemishes and difficulties that we ought to request that God work on us day by day.

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Kouze, Posner and Maxwell accentuated that a pioneer must be a guide to the devotees. The pioneer should exhibit great character . Kouze and Posner states “that regardless of their past, God still calls men and women to serve Him leadership roles (Posner, 2004).” As per Kouze and Posner, initiative is a connection between the individuals who seek to lead and the supporters. In initiative, there must be an association between their leader and his/her areas. All leaders are unique and adopt shifting strategies to various circumstances. It is significant for a leader to comprehend the wants, wishes and desires for their citizens. leaders must show the following attributes; determined, adaptability, great skills, cooperative person, unwavering quality, assurance and equity. Leaders should show honesty, ability and motivation. They should be conclusive, dependable and effective.

Maxwell composes that our character is critical with regards to being a leader. leadership is not just something you live but something you behave (Posner, 2004, p. 47). In John c. Maxwell, trustworthiness is portrayed as the most significant fixing in authority. Maxwell has it that uprightness is the thing that we are which figures out what we do. Individuals can’t be isolated from their qualities because in this manner the qualities wind up directing people on each viewpoint. An individual should communicate at a high level of respectability in which more individuals will permit you to impact their lives. As indicated by Maxwell, honesty ties trust of devotees to a leader, and furthermore empower them to better expectations than their adherents. Truthfulness also sets the character of the leader. Integrity is very critical in influencing ones character.

A moral code is basically a set of values and principles that guide behavior (Badaracco, 2006). As indicated by Badaracco, great moral code is typically established in character. Badaracco keeps up that leaders need to have moral codes that are fluctuated, mind boggling and unpretentious relying upon the circumstances where they wind up in and furthermore contemplating the human qualities. Badaracco has it that society wants those pioneers whose qualities are intuitive yet not pioneers who waiver when confronted with troublesome circumstances and will in general change their ethical codes. To legitimize his point, Badaracco utilizes the account of Okonkwo, an African chief by Chinua Achebe. Before all else, Okonkwo is a persevering individual and an undisputed warrior who watches the general public standards and great moral code. Be that as it may, as the story advances, Okonkwo beats his better half due to deceiving him. As indicated by the story, he beats her in the generally sacred tranquil week where as per the general public standards nobody was permitted to outrage or express unpleasant words to another. Okonkwo is rebuffed for conflicting with the peoples values.

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