Definition of Truth Essay Essay

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Definition of Truth Essay

According to Google Search, it defined truth as “The quality or state of being true.” Truth isn’t necessarily facts. There is a distinct difference between those two terms. “Truth are things that are not simply acknowledged, but must be discovered, or created.” While, “A fact is a reality that cannot be logically disputed or rejected.” Truth is an extremely strong and powerful thing to acquire. Obtaining truth that other individuals don’t have can generate you to have supremacy or hegemony over them. Truth is something that everyone searches for; it is something we quiche for, especially in the corrupted and tumult society we live in. There are many different kinds of truths, and they too come along with many inadvertent and fickle consequences. Though the consequences and outcomes of truth can be so unpredictable; it is something everyone deserves to know, no matter what it is.

In Oedipus Rex, the main character Oedipus, uncovers many truths that leaves him realizing that he has been living a lie. He is told by a local prophet, Teiresias, that he was the murder to his father’s death and furthermore, married his mother, and acquired sons and daughters with her. And because of these painful and disturbing truths he was told, it tore him apart. He could no longer bear with the sins he had unknowingly committed. These horrific truths resulted him into blinding himself, and having himself banished forever from his home. Many would believe that it would have been better if he wasn’t told the truth, but it surely would have come out eventually. But if only Oedipus was told the truth form the beginning, he could have avoided this entire situation, and lived a much happier and prosperous life.

Another wonderful example where truth can be seen in is the TV show, Pretty Little Liars. This show that is revolved around four high school girls that all have their own secrets shared with their dead friend Alison. As they try to uncover the murder of their friend, they come across many situations that creates them to lie, keep secrets from each other, and telling the truth. Along the way, as they try to discover the mysteries of Alison’s death, they begin to keep more, and more secrets form each other, as a way of protecting themselves. But as time foes, many of those lies just end up firing back at each of them, making them tell the truth, even if it’s difficult.

In conclusion, the truth must always be told no matter how much it could potentially hurt someone or yourself. It is better for it to be known sooner rather than later when it could even do more damage to someone. Every individual has the right o know the truth about situations concerning them. No one should ever have the truth hidden form them when they are diligently searching for it; as Teiresias stated before his premonition of Oedipus, “there is power in truth.”

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