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The dictionary describes hope as the “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. It is refreshing to know we all have the freedom to choose and believe in what makes the most sense in our ideology of life. Across all race, sex, age, class, religion or political aspect, we are all able to believe in our own hope without being judged. Everyone is able to find hope, it is the reason we are able to endure hardships throughout our life.

There is no hope without faith, and within everyone, even by the smallest amount, there is faith. Faith in god, faith in love, faith in education, you are able to see faith in whatever helps,

Hope is important because it involves the will to achieve every task. Life can be difficult, i’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but have you ever thought of how you’ve overcome each obstacle? You have been able to complete all the obstacles life has thrown your way through hope.

Hope is not something that we just have lying around, it is something that we must do. Same may think that we can just sit around and hope for something to be done. Hope is something that requires us to take action, if we don’t like how something is going and we want change it, we have hope that it will eventually change, and we do whatever we need to do in order to make that change.

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Most often, hope is not thought of intentionally, it comes across our mind as a subconscious thought. Hope is easiest to have when everything is going good in your life, when a moment comes when you are finding it difficult to be positive in any way or form, hope can be extremely difficult to rely on.

A thousand splendid suns is in many ways a perfect example to show how we endure hardships throughout our life. throughout this book the characters, especially the women, never give up the desire to escape the seemingly hopeless situations. Although A thousand splendid suns is a fictional novel, it is based off of true events that took place in Afghanistan for many years and is still to this day going on. The men and women are put through unbearable situations during this horrific time period, we learn more in depth what is must’ve been like to be in this situation through empathy. Reading this book we learn that a very important theme is hope, because the men and women were able to survive every day by having hope. They hoped that the next bad thing would be over with, and that they would be able to go onto the next thing in their life.

Hope is not not as simple as wishing for something to happen, we have to first put in all the work necessary to achieve what we’re hoping for. Mariam and Laila had hoped a savior would come and rescue them, like Jack from Titanic.

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