Definition of Nursing Essay

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Definition of Nursing

The definition of nursing as put forward by the American Nurses Association describes a framework that incorporates caring and health promotion. It is far reaching and intentionally inclusive to all fellow human beings. It has a goal to advocate and help decrease any element of suffering.

Nursing is a professional body which strongly advocates the advancement of professional knowledge. Scholarly resources are used to anchor our credibly with research findings. The use of objective data develops processes to improve outcomes of care. Attentions are focused on human action and reactions to changes in health. The body of nursing acts as influential body to impact social justice.

The definition opens the scope of similarities and difference in approach where nurses can provide optimal care for their patients. The metaparadigm concepts: person, health, environment and nursing are platforms in which the protection, health promotion and goal to alleviate suffering can be developed.

Dr Jean Watson, a nurse theorist is best now for her work on human caring. She asserts caring as central focus for nursing. Caring serves as pivot to the metaparadigm concepts. She found nurses who were not able to practice caring became harsh and brittle (as cited in Watson, 2009, p.467).

As I work with my patients I now realize how my plans of care are based on theses metapadigm concepts. I frequently ask my coworkers what worked best for the patient and why. Then I incorporate that in my daily plan of care.


Watson, J. (2009). Caring science and human caring theory:transforming personal and professional practices of nursing and healthcare. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration,31(4), 466-483.

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