Defining Social Media Essay

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Defining Social Media

In my opinion, social media is used to keep in touch with people, share ideas, videos, and pictures, and gain some knowledgeable information in networks and virtual communities. Social media is very handy when it comes to keeping in touch with long-lost friends and family members. Social media is a great resource to search things that you don’t know and that allows you to become knowledgeable about things you needed to know.

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Vine’s Biggest Teen Star Criticized for Homophobic Video


My response to this article is that you should always watch what you put on social media because anything can be saved and it could generally be held against you depending on what the post may be about. Social media isn’t always a person’s best friend. You need to watch what you post; especially for employer reasons. Majority of employers will go onto your Facebook page and see what kind of a person you really are. In this certain article, Nash Grier is a very popular person on Vine. After he posted the video making a homophobic slur, he did delete it because of negative comments that started to begin.

The trick to this though, is that he deleted it, but someone else had already saved it and posted it again and it went viral. After that, Nash Grier did take it upon himself to apologize on Twitter saying how he was being ignorant, stupid, and how he was stuck in a bad place. He may have apologized, but from here on out, it’s possible that this discrimination will be held against him for life, due to one mistake he didn’t think about before he posted it on social media.


Think before you post. You should always know that whatever you post on social media, may or may not affect you in the long run. Be smart and think about what you’re posting before you actually submit it.

Vine’s Biggest Teen Star Criticized for Homophobic Video. (2014, July 8). Retrieved February 2, 2015, from

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