Define: a Good Job Essay

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Define: a Good Job

A good job is very difficult to define because it means so many different things to different people. How often do you hear that you should go to college to get a good job? Is a good job simply one that has more security than others? Or, is a good job always the highest paying job? Perhaps you define a good job as something you really enjoy doing. Because people interpret a good job to themselves in so many different ways, it is difficult to give any definition that is true for everyone. However, in my opinion a good job includes: sufficient pay to meet all my family’s needs and a little extra for saving, interesting/meaningful and flexibility of time. Firstly, salary is regarded as the important definition of a good job. A great income opens many doors if used properly – savings for the future, a higher standard of living, and so on.

Nevertheless, what good is that higher standard of living and savings for the future if you’re living in a state of unhappiness. Secondly, a good job is a job you love.I think being passionate about your work meant something that you can do for hours and hours and never get sick of . However not all passions match up with the realities of the job market. If you’re passionate about poetry or painting, you’re going to find very limited job opportunities for those things.

In those cases, it makes sense to find work that you can do reasonably happily, while pursuing your passions when you’re not at work. That’s completely okay. If you can find a way to turn what you love doing into something that makes you a living, go for it. Thirdly, the more flexible the hours, the better it is. That has a very real cost. Every time you miss something important with your family, it’s an opportunity that never comes back.

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