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Decision to breastfeed is a very personal Essay

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Breastfeeding topic always elicits strong opinions from family and friends. What matters is the infant getting proper nutrition for his optimal growth and development. The American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologist and American Academy of Pediatrics, to great emphasis on importance of breastfeeding. Every infant and mother is unique and has different challenges. Breast milk provides complete nutrition for infants. It has the perfect combination of protein, vitamins, fats and everything infants needs for its growth and development.

Breast milk also contains antibodies that help infants fight off bacteria and viruses. Risk of having allergies and asthma are greatly reduced with breastfeeding. Infants who are exclusively breastfed for the first six months, without any formula tend to have fewer respiratory illnesses, ear infection and bouts of diarrhea. These infants also have fewer trips to the doctor and hospitalizations. Breastfeeding also results in higher IQ scores in some studies. The physical touch, closeness, skin-to-skin touch and eye contact, helps infants to bond with the mother and feel secure.

Breastfeeding also linked to health weight gain in infants and fight childhood obesity. As per American Academy of Pediatrics, sudden infant death syndrome, risk of diabetes, obesity and certain cancers can be prevented by breastfeeding. Educating the new mother regarding breastfeeding is imperative, to make sure proper nutriment of the infant. Breastfeeding education starts with finding out the mother’s current knowledge and perception towards breastfeeding. Once finding out the mother perception and knowledge about breastfeeding.

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After educating the mother regarding benefits of breast feeding to infants. Nurses should first have to address the most common concerns of new mothers like: * Weight gain – Breastfeeding burns extra calories and helps lose pregnancy weight faster. It releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps return uterus to its original size and reduces uterine bleeding. * Expenses – Breastfeeding can help save money by not needing to buy formula, rubber nipples and other formula related things. * Sore nipples – It is normal to have sore nipples.

Make sure baby latches on correctly and use one finger to break the suction of your baby’s mouth after each feeding. Holding ice or frozen bags of peas against sore nipples can also help ease discomfort. * Not producing enough milk – A general rule of thumb is infants wetting six to eight diapers a day is getting enough milk. Breast size does not have to do anything with milk production. Plenty of sleep, good nutrition and proper hydration helps body to produce more milk * Storing and pumping milk – Milk can be expressed by hand or pumped with a breast pump.

Breast milk can be safely can be used with 2 days if stored in refrigerator. Frozen breast milk can be stored for 3 months. Thaw frozen milk in warm water or refrigerator. Do not use microwave oven to heat breast milk. * Breast engorgement – Breast engorgement is healthy and natural. It happens when breast become full of milk, it could also mean blood vessels in breast have become congested, difference between two is, in normal breast stays soft and pliable. * Mastitis – Is an infection of the breast caused by bacteria which enters the breast through a cracked nipple after breastfeeding.

Antibiotics are usually needed to clear up a breast infection. Call the doctor if flu-like symptoms, fever and fatigue are noticed. * Stress – Feeling overwhelmed during breastfeeding is normal. Being overly stressed or anxious can interfere with your let down reflex, that’s body natural release of milk into milk ducts. Staying as calm and relaxed as possible before and during nursing can help milk let down and flow more easily, that in turns helps infant to be calm and relaxed and increases emotional bonding.

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