Decision-Making Process Essay

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Decision-Making Process

Decision-making is a part of everyday life. One must decide on a daily basis; which route to take to work, which has less traffic, coffee or breakfast, or if the morning routine is altered by unexpected situations, which way to continue with the day ahead? According to Bateman and Snell (2011), the ideal decision-making process includes six stages; (1) identify and diagnose the problem, (2) generate alternative solutions, (3) evaluate alternatives, (4) make the choice, (5) implement the decision, and (6) evaluate the decision (p. 89).

The process does not have to be thoroughly explained to realize many of the decisions one takes goes through these stages or some of them. One of the types of decisions one must carefully think and analyze before irrationally taking the plunge would have to be the purchase of one’s home. This type of decision is a very long-term commitment and a bit expensive. However, if properly acquire the decision; it is very worth-while. Buying a house or home starts at stage 1; one starts with identifying the problem or in this case the “wanting” to buy something to call home. It then follows to stage 2: generating alternative decisions.

Stage 2 one is able to question if the house is really necessary. There are many suitable apartments and housing options as well. In this stage one also gets to question and calculate if it is within budget or if not, what one will have to do to be able to purchase the house. Once the financial side of the situation is evaluated and one still would like to continue it rolls into stage 3. Stage 3 consists of evaluating alternatives. In this stage one can go through the process of seeking locations, areas and house plans to choose what best fits with the ideal perfect home.

This stage also allows to pick and choose what is best suitable for your home and knowing if there will be an upgrade made and changing the original price of the house. Staying with two suitable options and deciding from them will glide one to the next stage. Yes or No, Stage 4 is the decision-making part of the process. Once it has been decided to buy the house, the decision is implemented, Stage 5. Starting the necessary contracts and paper work to make this house one’s new home. The last step of the decision-making process is to evaluate the decision.

In Stage 6 consists of one finalizing the process and setting down the last signature on the paper work and/or putting the down payment out on the table. In this type of choice all the steps in the decision-making process were followed. Nothing could have made it easier. As one can see the purchase of a new home, car, changing jobs and/or even choosing what school to send children to takes a decision-making process. Not all the steps are needed in some cases but some steps are automatically done like choosing alternatives.

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