Decision-Making Models Essay

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Decision-Making Models

Human services professionals often need to make ethical decisions when providing support to clients. Decision-making models help supply guidance to case managers. Complete the following table to compare three decision-making models.

Characteristics of the model
Advantages of the model
Disadvantages of the model
Feminist model

It is a maximum involvement by both the client and the therapist. The client is equally involved with the decision making and strategy planning to accomplish shared goal. The client may not feel able to participate because of their perception of not having control of the situation, and may desire to be told what to do instead. Social constructionist model

A social consensual reality involving interactive processing. Such as negotiations and arbitration on a social context. Removes the decision making from the head and places it in a social and rational process. This model weighs more on social influences than ethical choice. Transcultural integrative model

Based on multicultural perspective recognizing cultural factors and common principles. It is a step by step linear process that addresses ethical dilemmas covering a large variety of cultural and variety settings. The model is based on common factors across a variety of cultures, and therefore cannot focus cultural specifics.

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