Decision Making Evaluation Paper Essay

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Decision Making Evaluation Paper

Re-organization and Layoff: Decision Making Evaluation Paper Management has many changes they adjust to daily. Some of the changes come from firing and lay-off employees. When these changes do take place they can change how the organization develops. Management will have to be able to handle change and still keep the organization developing in a positive direction. According to “Work Systems” (20150, “Selecting and implementing significant change is one of the most challenging undertakings that face an organization” (2015). It is vital to an organization to have properly trained management to handle these issues Recommendation from two creative solutions identified from week 4 Why the solution would help the middle income customer (credible sources) for support Business decision should make based on solution

When an organization is considering layoffs the first thing they should do is decide whether the layoffs are necessary and can they do it legally. Then consider other resources for example, hiring freeze or no pay raises and promotions. They can also reduce authorized overtime, pay cuts, teleworking, and other cost cutting. Making sure you have solid legal grounds and have a legitimate business reason. Some other steps organizations can take are reviewing actual policies and past practices, check written personnel policies, check employment contracts, and review collective bargaining agreements. You can also consider offering severance or other termination benefits. By implementing some of these alternatives fewer works will question if a layoff is truly necessary.


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