Decision-Making Approaches Essay

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Decision-Making Approaches

There are many decision-making approaches and they all depend on the situation that the decision maker(s) is in. In the second case where there are infection cases in a certain hospital, the duty of the administration is to make a decision that makes sure the problem subsides. One of the main approaches that the management can use in such a case is the vision-led approach. The vision of a company is one of the best tools to show what the organization stands for. The vision also shows the core values of the hospital. If one of the nurses does not act according to the core values of the organization, they ought to take action.

This approach involves the administration calling the nurses and pointing out the issues. The organization then relays the mission, vision and core values of the hospital and acts according to what they stipulate (Jones & Beck, 1996). The second approach is the consensus-led decision approach. In this method, the stakeholders, management and nurses sit down and look for ways to come up with solutions. In this kind of approach, every person has a chance to propose solutions and they all take votes to choose the most viable one. Explain why this decision is better made by a group rather than by an individual.

A decision is best made by a group than an individual because the group raises issues that the individuals may not have known. The group also feels involved and they make sure that they implement the proposed solution. This approach makes sure that there is a collaboration from all the members of the hospital. In this style of decision-making, the nurses and workers also get to know the gravity of the situation and they are involved. The workers also give information on what is happening in the departments. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the group decision-making process for this scenario.

Consensus or collaborative decision-making has many advantages and they are the reason why it is the best approach in this scenario (Chong & Benli, 2005). A consensus group is a stronger than a group of one because it is committed to finding concrete solutions. When people come together with one mission, they do better than an individual. In a consensus group, the hospital has more information, ideas and suggestions. Some of the ideas are viable and they are ideas that people can follow and live with. A group comes up with creative solutions.

For example, in this scenario, the administration may have the idea of getting rid of some nurses while there may be better ideas like increasing cleanliness and sanitation. Consensus is amicable and it makes people like they are part of a team. When people feel valuable and part of a group, they make sure that they work hard to fulfill the things that the group set put to do. This decision-making approach is applicable to many types of situations (Yearwood & Stranieri, 2012).

In conclusion, the disadvantage of consensus is that it takes a lot of time. If a person or group is trying to make a hasty decision, this is not the best approach because it involves gathering everybody, listening to opinions and then voting for the best decisions. If there are two great ideas, it takes time to decide what the better ideas is. This method does not work for large numbers of people. There is the likelihood of many people disagreeing with the decision.

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