Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary Essay

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Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary

The CEO of the Xerox Company is Anne Mulcahy. She has been with the company for over 30 years and has been the CEO for the last five years. Anne received a degree in English from Mary Mount College, Her brother made the suggestion that she join him and work at Xerox. As a team and as an individual, we agreed on the decisions that Mulcahy made to improve the Xerox Company. Through these decisions, she was able to get the company out of debt when she became CEO. Though many people advised to call it quits, file for bankruptcy and go home. She was determined and believed she could turn Xerox around. Anne Mulcahy had to make many hard decisions that affected many lives.

She had to cut many unnecessary jobs to improve the company. She appears to be a very “hands on” CEO. An example is that she still works at booths, not that many CEOs of big companies will do that. During the hard times that Xerox had, Anne was able to have good communication with her staff members. She had to have the confidence to ensure her employees that the company would rise above the possible collapse.

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