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Decision making Essay

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Since the beginning of time man has been given the ability to make choices. He must choose many things during life. One of the most important choices that man has to make is the choice between good and evil. We have the ability to choose. To understand our potential in this matter you must know what good and evil is, if we are born naturally good or evil, and why we make the choices we do. Good and evil has been around forever.

Some of the first recorded writings in history is about the battle between good and evil.

We have witnessed good and evil in large scales, and small scales through out our life. Everyone knows someone who they think are good, and they think are evil. Evil is always easier to spot than good. It takes more good to be noticed than evil. A great example of this is on Sept. 11th . A few men decided to do something evil, and they affected millions of lives.

There was probably a million people that did something good that day, but the evil overshadowed it all. Depending on what society you live in is really what determines what good and evil is for you.

Religion plays a big part in categorizing the two. In all religions there are rules that you must live by in order to be a good person, and when you break those rules you can be considered evil. There are many speculations that man is born either evil or good. That we enter this world one way or the other. Many religions say that you are born bad, a sinner, and you must live your life correctly in order to become good. Other popular beliefs are you have a choice to some extent. You grow up learning what is bad and what is good.

You know what your society, and religion says is good and evil. And it is your job to make the difficult decision on what to do. There is also talk about genes, DNA, and inheriting good or evil tendencies. If you are the child of two evil people are you going to be evil yourself? How do people living everyday life come to the decision they need about good and evil? Why is it that evil is most of the time an easier choice than good? These are good question. When you are old enough to start making decisions on your own you make these educated decisions off of many things.

Those things are society, how you were raised, religion and your conscious. In society we know it is good to work hard and make a living, while being evil and stealing and murdering is an easier way to get money. It is harder to do the right thing and go to school and get a good job. If you were raised in a good or evil way plays a big part in your decision making skills. If you saw your mother and father doing evil things, you are more likely to do those bad things and think that they are okay. It is nature over nurture. Religion plays a huge part in the decision between good and evil.

It is probably one of the biggest reasons people give to explain drastic actions either good or evil. In Iraq right now there is a lot of evil people killing innocent people. They say that it is because of their religion. It is a holy choice to kill. They think it is good based off of religion, and society says it is evil. Your conscious plays a small part in being good and evil. When you do the right thing you feel better about yourself. When you do something evil or bad you have that lingering feeling in the back of your mind that is telling you that you should not have done that and you need to not do that again.

These are the reasons people use to choose between good and evil. Since the beginning of time humans have had the ability to chose everything they did in their life. One of the biggest choices being whether to do the right thing or the wrong thing. Whether to be good or evil. We are born with the great ability to be good. As long as you work hard and do the right thing you will be considered good whether you are basing your definition of good off of religion, society, or your own conscious. We all have the potential for good and evil.

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