Decadence in Nigeria Essay

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Decadence in Nigeria

It is of no doubt that moral decadence has completely replaced core moral values in present times. This ravaging phenomenon is the cause of some of the major problems Nigeria is facing as a Nation.

A society where the youths do not think of how tomorrow would be better than today or how to invent new things to automate processes involved in our daily activities rather focusing on how to enrich themselves by any means and controlling enormous wealth at a tender age. Many youths of today are engulfed in numerous means of gathering wealth and enjoying the good things of life tagging it “hustling”. when you ask an average youth what he does, he replies “I am a hustler”, you begin to wonder on what kind of job could it be that doesn’t have a name. It is rampant and prevalent and as a result has reduced the present youths to mediocrity.

Recently, a youth corps member was asked as regards the new increment in youth corps members’ allowances, what will he use the money realized after NYSC for? He said he will get a car. It is nothing but a good example to show the degree of aberration currently going on in our society, total loss of focus, no entrepreneurship skills, no future plans, no thoughts about achievements, no more self-discovery, and decency is no more celebrated.

In the world today, shame and shamelessness are rewarded with encomiums and emphasized recognition, Unclothedness is now directly proportional to your fame and acceptance, skimpy dresses are now tickets to classy events, songs that have intimate talks in them sell faster than the meaningful ones, when your trousers is around your waist then you are seen as a “learner”, big girls are now identified by level of exposure of their private parts. Even the world Religion and the institutions have failed in eradicating this dangerous way of life. What is the hope? Would the society continue to condone this act? Where will this lead us to? Is this how the great men of this world lived their youth lives?

Fellow young minds, are we going make Nigeria a better place with this lack of focus and unscrupulousness, definitely NO.. Truly, a few of us are trying in our own capabilities to be useful to the society and act right but sincerely a few is not enough, we need a larger percentage of young minds to join the crusade and collectively move the nation forward by being creative, responsible, reliable, useful and patriotic. If you see no reason to help Nigeria, then there is a reason to be useful to your state, if u still see no reason, then your local government, if not your precious parents and family, what about your humble self, and if none of this motivates you to be useful, think about your unborn generations.

The provisions of today would be used by the people of tomorrow. As a matter of fact, It is what the generation of Chief Obafemi Awolowo , Alh. Tafawa Balewa, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and the likes did that we are enjoying or suffering today. The good will be enjoyed and celebrated while the bad would be suffered for and be condemned. An activist used to say: our time shall past, but the history of our time will never past”. I put it to you today, Be part of the history of the struggle for a better Nigeria. Do anything in your capability to make your immediate society proud of you and appreciate you, do the right thing at the right time and never be an idle person. Discover yourself, your innermost strength and build it. “Discover your Purpose and the world would adore you like Rose”.

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