Debt Essay Topics

The Latin American Debt Crisis of the 1980s

In 1982 the Latin American debt “situation” exploded into the Latin American debt “crisis.” (Heller Peter and Jack Diamond, 1990) The twin oil shocks of 1973 and 1979, dilapidated demand for many Latin American products, rising interest rates, lenders who had too numerous petrodollars to lend but who failed to discriminate amongst borrowers, Latin American… View Article

Third World Debt

Introduction The call for debt repudiation for least developed countries have echoed the sentiments of various sectors. Popular politicians, celebrities, the church and ordinary people all agreed that debt cancellation for the poorest countries in the world is justified. But are they right in that assumption? While it is true that countries with wealthier economies… View Article

Lawsuit for Call Center Fabulous County, Florida for a sum of money

There was a saying that business is business.  Sustainability of a firm depends upon production and it is always measured by the amount of money earned.  In some cases collectibles are difficult to handle.  In fact it is one of the known business risk – the delivery now and pay later deals.  Too many establishments… View Article

Clarkson Lumber Company

(1) Background: CLC was founded in 1981 by Mr. Clarkson and brother-in-law Henry Holtz in the Pacific Northwest. The company has experienced rapid growth over the recent years and it is anticipated to continue. Mr. Clarkson bought out Mr. Holtz for $200,000 to become the sole owner. This resulted in the need of more cash… View Article

Bankruptcy: Vodafone and Samsung

The capital structure of a company is comprised of the different sources of funding used to finance the company’s operations and growth, specifically debt, equity and retained earnings. The reason for analysing the capital structure of a business is to determine whether or not the proportion of debt to equity will allow a business to… View Article

Clarkson Lumber

1.Do a Porter’s five forces analysis for Clarkson Lumber. 2.Do a SWOT analysis for Clarkson Lumber. 3.Think about how each of the factors in the Porter and SWOT analyses affects the expected cash flows, the risk of those cash flows, and the timing of the cash flows. 4.Why does the firm have to borrow so… View Article

Marriage Problems

Few of us do like to be told what to do. Hitting each other between the eyes with issues you know you know your partner is insecure about will not help you resolve the issue. The silence or fights that usually follow just perpetuate the cycling of pursuing behavior followed by distancing behavior. Help lead… View Article

Principles of Banking and Finance

What does Sub-Prime Crisis means? Sub Prime lending which is also known as near-prime, non-prime and second chance lending, means lending to people who might have trouble repaying the loan due to income ability or credit ratings which previously would not have been available to them. Credit ratings that might be not favorable to them… View Article

Inside Job Reaction Paper

This crisis, the United States and the world is facing is the effect of the lack of control and regulation on certain financial activities. Because of the continuing opposition of different individuals and companies with the imposition of regulations on these financial activities, it continued to be uncontrolled under the administration of different Presidents of… View Article

SureCut Shears Case Write-up

The issues presented in this case are mainly due to incorrect assumptions about the market for sales in 1995 and the subsequent retail downturn that followed. More specifically, Mr. Fischer (CEO of SureCut Shears) assumed sales and demand in 1996 would be consistent with the prior year. However, as noted in the actual financial statements… View Article

Strategy of Financing Expansion

To what extent do you support the strategy of financing expansion of Goodprice Supermarkets Ltd through the use of retained profits I support this strategy of financing expansion through retained profit as Goodprice has £33 million. Looking at the two proposals for the development of a Goodprice supermarket in Ashton under Ribble, Option A would… View Article

To Grade or Not to Grade

Sweaty hands, racing heartbeat, trouble breathing. These are a few of the things some students may experience right before, or even during a test. Jerry Farber brings some very interesting alternatives to testing and to the whole grading process in an article he wrote called, “A young person’s guide to the grading system”. (Farber 1969)… View Article

Corporate Finance

Introduction In 2001, the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Williams Company was in financial distress. The primarily energy-industry company was struggling with a shrinking energy trading market, which was marked by distressed entities such as Enron’s broadband unit and Global Crossing. Williams also suffered internally with a floundering telecommunications division and a plummeting stock price. These issues led… View Article

Causes of the Sub-Prime Crisis

According to, the world “subprime” defines to “A classification of borrowers with a tarnished or limited credit history” and that is what led to the titanic crisis of 2008-2009. This essay will explore the events, which eventually led to many mortgage delinquencies and foreclosure of these sub prime borrower’s homes, causing the insurance company… View Article

Euro Currency Market

The money market in which Eurocurrency, currency held in banks outside of the country where it is legal tender, is borrowed and lent by banks in Europe. The Eurocurrency market is utilized by large firms and extremely wealthy individuals who wish to circumvent regulatory requirements, tax laws and interest rate caps that are often present… View Article

Capital Structure : Samsung and Intel

As per the table above, it is clear that in 1997, the capital structure of Samsung Electronics was highly leveraged. The capital structure of Samsung was 85 % debt and 15 % Equity compared to Intel with a 33 % debt and 67% Equity as per the financial data Year End 1997. The healthy blend… View Article

Why Do Financial Institutions Fail?

Do you remember that there was an extremely important historical event, which is the worst financial crisis since the Second World War. The most serious result was that all the investment banks in Wall Street failed, which was a block of healthy development of the world economy. Here is a reason why these investment banks… View Article

Security Interests

Of all of the possible questions available in the text I found this one on page 519 of the text to be relatively interesting because I wanted to know how agreements with collateral were drawn up. I was interested to know what all was involved and what was required for such a contract to be… View Article

The Importance of Having a Budget

Having a budget is not a choice but a necessity. It is important for everyone to have a budget in order to balance the amount of income with expenditure. Having a budget can help us plan our finances. With a financial plan, we will know where the money we have goes to. It is essential… View Article

Consumer Credit Scheme

Executive Summary Internship is an essential part of BRAC universities BBA program. As per the requirement of the BRAC University I have to perform 90 days or three months internship which will help to prove my potentiality in the practical field. I achieved the opportunity to prove the potentiality, which has given by the Prime… View Article

Burden Arising Out of Public Debt

In India, the traditional concern for public debt has been with fiscal deficits (both Centre and State) and with the size and maturity of the country’s external debt. Somewhat less attention has been paid to the level, cost and structure of its overall public debt, both domestic and external. The outstanding liabilities comprises of the… View Article

George Marunich: Honda Accounting

Honda follows the standards given by the Financial Accounting Standards Board as well as the Securities Act 1934. Honda has maintained statements which are based on the assumptions of the management. Being a manufacturing firm depreciation has been a very important accounting practice. Companies operating in different countries would have to need different policies as… View Article

Strategies Used by the Banking Industry

In depressed economic times, Banking is an industry that is prone to substantial financial losses, from customer’s closing their depository account to an increase in outstanding loan delinquency. An increase in consumer and commercial loan defaults can damage the integrity of a Bank’s outstanding loan portfolio. Such deterioration can lead to an increase of “Non-Performing… View Article

Amortization and Sinking Fund

Amortization (or amortisation) is the process of decreasing, or accounting for, an amount over a period. When used in the context of a home purchase, amortization is the process by which loan principal decreases over the life of a loan. With each mortgage payment that is made, a portion of the payment is applied towards… View Article

Bankruptcy Among Youth

1.0Introduction Bankruptcy becoming the issues toward many youth nowadays. The worst is the bankruptcy was involves with many youth where below than age 30. According to Credit Counselling and Management Agency in New Straits Times (2011), an average of 41 Malaysians are declared bankrupt daily, with the majority failing to make repayment for car purchase… View Article

Pawnshop Theoretical Background

Pawnshops offer financial services known as micro-lending which is an important source of credit in many developing countries, especially in Asia. Pawnshops can provide these financial services to poor and low-income households for a variety of reasons. One is that pawnshops fall under less regulation than other financial institutions. Pawnshops used to operate like a… View Article

Business Law and Ethics

Dealing with government regulation in business is an integral part of a manager’s responsibilities. Recognizing what actions might violate particular consumer protection regulations is crucial to protecting the company and to insuring its profitable operation. Government regulation is found every day in the operation of businesses large and small, and once understood, it allows managers… View Article

Bond Valuation

Discuss the impact of Standard & Poor’s downgrading the U.S. credit rating in 2011. Address current and likely future impact on U.S. business, individuals, the global economy and current financial practices. Provide specific examples to support your response. The impact of Standard & Poor’s downgrading the U.S. credit rating in 2011 shows us as consumers… View Article

Business Transaction

1.1 – Account Receivable(AR) (AR and Management Policy: Theory and Evidence – Shehzad L. Mian & Clifford W. Smith, Jr) The basis of my subject “Bad debt expense estimation model” stems from account receivable. Account receivable is the term used by companies to describe money owed to them by clients or customers for goods and… View Article

Is Is Ethical to Charge Interest

When we talk about banks, loans or even money, it is very common to hear words such as interest, usury, risks, etc. We mention these words very often and many times we do not even know what they mean. But this is not it; it gets more interesting when we start linking all this stuff… View Article