Debit Essay Topics

U.S. Debit

Advancement in technology has challenged the traditional way of transacting as new financial services which offer reduced costs of transactions and incorporates innovations to delivery channels thereby increasing more value to businesses, customers and business activities have been introduced into the market place. For instance the electronic financial transaction services such as debit cards which… View Article

Pelts computerized sales and inventory system

Pelts Corporation is a company that sells clothes for men, women, and children. They also have a wide variety of fashion accessories; they also have shoes, bags and eyewear. The company has two branches here in Bacolod, one is located in Lacson St. Corner B.S. Aquino drive and the other is inside the Robinson’s Mall… View Article

Dressen Case Study

#1)I believe one major factor was how appealing Dressen had become during 1995, as opposed to previous years. It appeared that new management had turned the company around. Management stated Dressen was looking good for future growth during the end of 1995. I think management felt it was the opportune time to sell. They wanted… View Article