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Debate Speech

A pleasant afternoon to one and all, standing in front of you is Alliah Dominique M. Sta. Ana, 3rd affirmative speaker, opposing the proposition of Mr. Despi that “Republic Act No. 10354 also known as Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012” should be legalize here in the Philippines. Let us all be open minded as I begin.

First and Foremost, let me give you brief information about RH Bill. It guarantees the universal access to methods of contraceptions, fertility control, maternal care and sex education. There are many reasons why I stand before my proposition because implementing RH Bill is unconstitutional. Why? It seeks to regulate or legislate morality. It criminalizes the practice of faith and religion as well as other cts that are not inherently evil or against public policy. It is socially and economically unjust and destructive.

The law justifies the imposition of new taxes and higher tax rates, government borrowing, price controls, distortions, massive regulations, that will affect not just the entire economy but also people’s rights. It will also benefit certain bussinesses and industries in a monopoly or crony system. Where will they buy contraceptives, preganancy kits, RH products and equipments, employer’s fee for their time and service? There are already dozens of RH Laws or RH related laws enacted in the past. It seems all of them didn’t work. Did they? Because the only solution to this problem would be having self control and discipline. I firmly believe that an ordinary person is capable to be good so it does mean that everyone, catholic or not, can be disciplined.

The main purpose of sex is to procreate not to satisfy our senses or needs. So if you will have sex, bear in mind that its main purpose is to reproduce which is God’s will. Now, if you are to have sex with contraceptives, then that is not called procreation. It is called sense gratification or lust which is a strong desire for someone, that way doing sex is purposeless. If you are to have sex without contraceptives, without thinking the consenquences, without family planning, make sure you are ready to face such big responsibility that will change your life.

Life is created and is the will of the Lord. How it begins and how it ends is His thing – Not ours. When God allowed the process of sex which at the same time is the free will of woman and man which will put that child in a woman’s womb, whether the mother or father is sick, that is His will. And now if you are a follower of God which the RH supporters also claim, and you are spiritually realized, then you must know that you do not have the right to hinder such event or manifestation by killing what is forming or what is inside you.

Therefore, I strongly believe that RH bill should not be implented for this will not be created if we just control ourselves. This methods will offend the Church and the Catholics, this methods are just expenses, RH Bill will only change the clearer vision of life. It will be such a bad impact to the country. Bear in mind that we are in a religious country. Besides, Natural Family Planning helps the married partners to strengthen their communication. A baby made with conjugal love is the result of natural family planning that’s why I prefer natural family planning to be the only method to decrease our population rate. That’s all, thank you and Good Afternoon!

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