Debate About Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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Debate About Same-Sex Marriage

One of America’s most debated issues today is the Same-Sex Marriage. In fact, gay marriage has been legalized in nine States in America. Having to be a part of the Christian community, we truly disagree to this for it is a sin as we consider it and we do not have to think twice in contradicting this topic. However, it doesn’t hurt to talk a little about this. Same-sex marriage will be legalized is most countries some day. The inevitable are being postponed by the generations who precede us and govern our lands. A lot of young people do not even realize the enormity of it all. We heard a lot of people say that they accept homosexuality, but that they don’t think that the whole “marriage” thing is important.. Well, it obviously is. Because when marriage happens, the things on a personal level are not just the ones affected.

One’s finance, future, status, insurance, contract, and so many more will also be affected. If the government does not recognize your same-sex partner as your husband/wife, a lot of complicated situations, in terms of paperwork and justice, will arise. And that’s why we think it needs to be legalized. ‘’Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things – he never said that gay people should be condemned. I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies.’’ – Jimmy Carter. Love has no boundaries, they say. But when referring to love, does that mean the affection between a man and a woman or the affection between two individuals, regardless the sexuality? Personally, we think, the word ‘sexuality’ from the phrase ‘regardless the sexuality’ can be referred as a boundary from the quote ‘’Love has no boundaries,’’ — which should not be a hindrance in finding true love.

Picture an x-ray photograph of two skeletons showing affection by kissing. The moment you look at it, you are slowly being baffled by the curiosity if it is a girl and a boy, a boy and a boy, a girl and a girl, or even a black man and a white woman. Just the simplicity of the connection and the beauty of the two human beings sharing love is all that should matter. Love prevails beneath all that skin. However, the institution of marriage has traditionally been defined as between a man and a woman. It is believed that marriage is the union of man and woman, uniquely involving the procreation and rearing of children within a family. Legalizing same-sex marriage would weaken the respect for the real definition of marriage.

The legality of marriage has been encountering a few inconsistencies – having multiple wives; being okay of marrying your own relatives; the latest argument, same-sex marriage; and maybe in the near future, the legalization of marrying an animal. If same-sex marriage is to be approved, it will only start a chain reaction which will eventually ruin the essence of marriage. Another disadvantage would be carried on as a burden and embarrassment by their child, and an insult bullies can use against them.

That is, if ever a gay family plans on adopting their own child. The child will have so many questions – why he has two fathers or maybe why he has two mothers, why he does not have a normal family. No matter how thorough and understandable their explanation is, if the child sees a normal family composes: a mother, a father, and a child, and he/she is aware that only a man and a woman can bear children, then curiosity and confusion will just hit their child harder.

Being part of the Christian community, we believe that marriage is for men and women and friendship is for two individuals of the same sexuality. Yes, loving the same gender does not hurt anyone, but it just does not appeal to the culture we have learned and have been taught. God has created woman for man, and man for woman. Abiding to His rule is an act of sinfulness. Marriage is of the seven sacraments Catholic Church. It is not something a person can just plan the day before and do the day after. It is well thought and prepared for. For this is a commitment not only to your partner but also to God. Basically, we approve of gay relationships but not gay marriage.

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