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Death Is Beautiful Essay

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People tend to be afraid of what they can’t control and avoid. In terms of death, it meets those two conditions which make people scared of it. Since no one knows what it feels when one dies, but can only guess what will happen after death, most people might not want to imagine the last moment of their lives. In our society, moreover, death is described as something dark and negative in movies, books and daily life in general. As a result, it becomes difficult and unbearable to face death when it comes.

Every minute, somewhere in the world, countless babies are born with great celebration, whereas somewhere in the world, numerous people are dying with grief. Most people can relate to these situation as life stages. One of differences between birth and death is that one can’t be ready to be born itself, but on the other hand, most of people get a chance to prepare the end of life themselves.

While people tend to glorify birth and consider death as unlucky, it is not always true.

Death can be beautiful perhaps more than the moment of birth, depending on the way of how happily one has lived. What death makes unhappy is within its features, such as uncertainty of when, how and why to die, but above everything else, fear of death.

In her article, “On The Fear of Death” written by Kubler-Ross, she describes fear of death shown among people from the past to today differently. She highlites the fact that people in both the past and present have felt fear of death similarly, but the shape of fear shown today has some different characteristics. Dying today is more lonely, mechanical and dehumanized, the fear of death is represented as these kind of features” Accoring to Kubler, people today are more likely suffering from emotional problems such as loneliness, even living in high technology which seems to fill men’s life with richness. In this article, the author also points out the way of facing death these days. Many people today would experience death in hospital where patiens are treated as products, getting treatment even until the moment when they die.

It shows that death today is getting lonely compared to figure of death in the past, which people were watching those who they loved were dying close to that person. It made death more beautiful and natural. As a result of desolate death happened frequently today, people are getting fear of death more than past. Fear of death is natural phenomenon shown in most people. In “Who Wants to Live Forever? Immortality, Authenticity, and Living Forever in the Present” written by Ted M.

Preston and Scott Dixon, they describe death as “So death, the most frightening of bad things, is nothing to us; since when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, then we do not exist. ”(100) In the article, two authors suggest the way of how to overcome fear of death, emphasizing that people don’t have to be afraid of death which we even can’t feel at the end. It shows that being worried about death in advance is how useless. It seems pretty persuasive and inspired for those who are suffering from fear of death.

However, having fear of death isn’t always bad in some ways. The horrible feeling which people face when imagining death possibly can fuction in positive way at the same time, by reminding people of the fact that they only have limited time for life, as if a movie asks audience “If you have only one week to live, what would you do? ”. Thus, it will give them a great turning point to change from old view on death, which represents something scary, to something we can even be ready. The fact that we have only limited time in life makes us able to concern about how to live with full of happiness.

More than that, fear of death functions as an opportunity to look back one’s life because we are gonna die at the end, we need to define who I am and how we have been living as human being since we were born. Another example of what death makes unhappy is unnatural death which doesn’t seem to be ideal form of death. Unnatural death is antonym of natural death that means death from natural causes such as aging. For example, in unusual forms of death such as suicide or murder, death can’t be beautiful in the way that it is tragic and irrational.

Living as human being is bless and a precious chance which God gave us. Thus at least, human being ought to live as long as one’s lifespan permits. Killing oneself or others can’t be justified for any reason. In case of murder, particularly, it is one of miserable death that should never happen because it infringe one’s right to live. On the other hand, more than half of people might experience death as a natural precess of aging including diseases cuased by old age. Dying naturally as we grow older might be ideal death for most people.

Even though everyone knows that death can’t be inescapable, it would be still hard to accept death as one of processes in life. Nevertheless, denying death means denying one’s whole life as the law of nature. Since death doesn’t give any information to anyone, interestingly, every single person might have different view on death. That’s why building own belief regarding death during life is important to understand one’s life stages from birth to death clearly. As importantly as making own definition of death, it is also needed to set proper plans in each stage of life because it helps one to understand one’s life systematically.

For those who understand that one’s life time is categorized by each different period by age and has different characteristic to consider, one’s life time can be much more valuable rather than living life without strategy for each stage to come. Whenever one realizes this rule, everyday can be the first day to start new stage and it is totally applicable for anyone who wants to design plans for life. If one has managed one’s life satisfactorily, this person are more likely feeling happy when he or she dies. Namely, one’s quality of life and death are related closely.

If birth is our beginning of life, the death is the end of one’s life. People tend to concern about how to live during life, not recognizing the meaning of how to die. That is why most people are not fully prepared for death. Not only how happily one has lived is important, but also how happily one dies is meaningful. How many people would feel happy in the end of their life? In Sounth Korea, there is an interesting program which people can experience one’s funeral in advance, by practicing as if it is real funeral of mine. A man who was 50-year old applied this program with his families and close friends.

His funeral was held in front of him and he was watching this silently. Some people started to cry as if they already lost this man and his son started to read the last letter sending for father. The man started to cry right after starting his imaginary funeral as well because he realized how he was being loved and how happy person he was. If one’s life has been happy, esteemed and loved, one’s death also should be happy at the end. The fact that no one can live forever makes them to be able to manage time effectively and consider order of priority in one’s life.

Those who look at death as positive function of life started to think about how to die as well as how to live. They believe that death can be beautiful as much as the fact of what we are born in the world. The biggest benefits of this view is that people can get a chance to look back one’s life and make clear goals in life in advance. As a result, being awared death helps people to get rid of their pain or fear of death by already being ready to face death. However, there are those who consider death as positive one and these people prepare to be ready for peaceful death by practicing how death can be beautiful.

This movement was not appeared just today and it shows that death is not something which people want to avoid unconditionally anymore. There is a strong method which people can lessen their fears of death with. It is the power of religions. Even though every religion has different interpretation of death, most of them describe it as something sacred and they teach believers to follow their doctrine to greet peaceful death or be rescued by God by relying on religion strongly. As people get older, they start to feel that death is coming.

For example, an woman who is almost 90 year-old, may be tying to accept the fact which she is going to die soon. She may recall some good memories with her eyes closed and thinking about her family members whom she has loved the most during her life. On the other hand, it will be somehow tragic, if one who faces death feels sorry and regretful about one’s life. When young, it is hard to prepare next stages to come by looking ahead to the future. However, after they get weak both metally and phsically, they might realize that life is not that long.

That’s why understanding death excatly and being prepared for beautiful death by managing one’s life meaningfully. When it comes to death, how one has been successful can be a matter. However, more than than how one has been happy is the most important value when leaving this world. To design happy life, if so, unerstanding one’s life stages and even death is regarded importantly because both are closely connected each other. Since one is born in the world, one is heading to death at the same time.

The deeper one understands death, the more valuable life time one can manage. For someone, death just can mean the last moment of life. On the othe hand, for someone who believe the world after death, otherwise, death might mean exploring for new world. For someone who reminds oneself of limited time with death, death can be boost for one’s efficient time management for life. People don’t have to be afraid of death because it will be just short mement compared to one’s whole life time. If one’s life has been happy, one’s death also should be happy at the end.

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