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Dear Sir / Madame Essay

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Dear Sir / Madame

Thank you for your interest in my situation. I believe that your attention must be called to the incident that transpired when I helped proctor a previous exam because it not only compromises the policies and integrity of the PCS but also violates examiner – candidate confidentiality. Since you have granted me permission to do so, I will now detail the events exactly as it transpired inside the examination room during the examination period.

During the exam a co- examiner displayed unethical behavior that compromised the integrity of PCS examinations and also violated company policies in the process. I personally witnessed the examiner aid a candidate, whom we were both examining at the time, in committing plagiarism on their test paper. I called my co – examiners attention towards the unethical behavior being displayed but was simply brushed off by the person.

Another distressing incident that occurred was when I witnessed the same examiner intimidate a candidate to the point of psychologically affecting the candidate who ended up confused and unable to understand the exam instructions because of the mental and emotional fear he was experiencing at the time. This examiner also took private student information for no apparent reason and also failed to adequately explain his reasons for collecting the student information when I asked for valid reasons for the action taken.

Since I was in no position to take action regarding the misconduct occurring before my very eyes, I decided to report the incidents to the Chief Examiner whom I hoped would rectify the situation and reprimand the erring examiner while keeping my incident report confidential. Instead, he betrayed my confidence and told the examiner who had reported the incident to him. As you can tell from the what I have just related, any self respecting and principled proctor present during the exam would be dealing with raw nerves right now and would really be entitled to take a break in order to deal with such unexpected stress.

The situation between the Chief examiner, co – examiner, and myself has muddled my thoughts and I no longer can tell what is expected of me by the company. I also can no longer discriminate between which policies are real and which are only applicable to certain people as evidenced by the previous incident. It will be in everyone’s best interest if I am allowed to take a break to clear my thoughts and come back when I am ready to deal with the situation already. Sincerely.

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