Dealing with various types of emergency procedures Essay

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Dealing with various types of emergency procedures

The following sets out the principles for dealing with various types of emergency procedures within schools & is given as guidance only.

Fire & other emergencies

In the event of fire & other emergencies (such as gas leak, flood & bomb scare) buildings need to be evacuated quickly but safely. In all schools there should be clear, detailed procedures on evacuation which must be displayed in each area of the school. These procedures should give information on: How to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency.

What to do if you hear the fire alarm.

The nearest assembly point – this may be a playground, sports field or even a nearby evacuation centre/safety perimeter following instructions from police. Registers should be available so staff can account for the safety & whereabouts of all the children. The route you should take – this should include a plan of the route from each room or area of the school, detailing the nearest fire exits. No staff or children should be allowed to stop to collect personal belongings or put on coats. Must not re-enter the building until you have been informed it is safe to do so.


There should be security in place in schools to minimise the risks to children. As a teaching assistant, you must know what these are & follow the procedures at all times. These procedures should include: Security locks on doors.

Signing in procedures/visitor badges (you should be able to identify all visitors to the school by badges. If unsure about someone you see on the school grounds, always report your concern to someone higher). Procedures for collection of younger children.


Missing children

While security measures should minimise the risk of children going missing, it is vitally important that you follow the school guidelines. As a teaching assistant, you may be asked to accompany children on school visits & to supervise a group of children. All staff present on such visits should make regular checks that all children are present. Some schools may require all the children to wear hi-visibility vests or other items which make them easily identifiable during school outings. On discovering children are missing, you must take the following immediate action:

Report to the teacher responsible.

Ensure the presence & safety of the other children by checking the register. Check all surrounding areas from where the child/Children have gone missing, whether it is in the school grounds or during an outing. Inform the child/children’s parents.

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