Deaf Event Report Essay

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Deaf Event Report

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of attending a deaf event which was about deaf jewish life in Germany and Eastern Europe in the 1940’s and the Holocaust at California State University Northridge. This event was a great experience and really interesting to know. Not only was it a personal experience from the life of this speaker Mark Zaurov, but it was something to acknowledge within ourselves to learn how other culture express their emotions towards certain aspects they have been through in their daily lives. The presentation discussed the importance of establishing memorial Deaf for Jews.

In this discussion Mark Zaurov included the term “Deaf Holocaust” which meant surviving struggles and hardships facing Jewish deaf during the Holocaust. Through many experiences and crucial humiliations by German Nazis. He then began to talk about the issues that were occurring with Aktion T4 and Forced Sterilization, which are often used general for research or exhibitions about Deaf people in the Holocaust. Despite what Mark Zaurov went through I learned that he was born deaf in Moscow, Russia. Together with his parents and his deaf sister, he emigrated to Israel.

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