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Mr. Keating as the "Epitome" of teaching

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Dead Poets Society made a huge impact on how I see things now. I secretly branded Mr. Keating, as the “Epitome” of teaching, every students dream is to find a teacher like Mr. Keating. Eventhough his teaching style is unconventional, you would really learn something. He’s not like your typical teacher who teaches by the book, because for me, Mr. Keating IS the book. All his lectures are inspirational, he teaches things that would not just help you academically, but also emotionally.

He reminds me so much about my Highschool history teacher, a very father-like person, very comical, easy to hang with and lastly he encourages us to pursue our dreams, even though our dreams are impossible. Mr. Keating and my highschool teacher made me realize that there are no limits when we talk about achieving what we want and reaching for our goals, the only hindrance would be ourselves, the fear of not succeeding. So that in the end, we would have little regrets or non at all.

I think that it’s one of the many factors that led me to put “Dead Poets Society” as one of the must-watch movie list for me. At first “thinking outside the box” was such a cliche for me, but after watching it, I try to apply that idea to everything I do. This story is very suitable for us, teenagers. Who are currently in that state where we are still confused of what we really want for our future. Add up the nerve wrecking peer pressure, love, parents, homeworks, proffessors, organizations and the like, which contributes to our decisions.

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