Dead beat dads Essay

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Dead beat dads

A dead beat dad should be penalized for not taking care of their child by providing financial support. Dead beat dads should serve jail time; attend an educational program, and show these men the circumstances that they have forced their child and mother to live in. In most homes children are born out of wedlock. Even though a child is born out of wedlock, it is still both parents responsibility to contribute to the child needs. Unfortunately, its easier said than done because this is not happening much in today’s world. A deadbeat dad isn’t just someone who doesn’t pay child support.

A deadbeat dad is also a man that is mostly never around his kids, break promises that he makes to his kids, and doesn’t help contribute to his kids house hold by taking care of home finically. The term “deadbeat dad” came from child support agencies that used the term to identify men who had fathered a child and choose not to pay child support ordered by a family court of law. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Children who have fathers in their lives learn better, have higher self-esteem and show fewer signs of depression than children without fathers”. Dead beat dads are a menace to our society.

First and foremost the police needs to arrest these dead beat dads in put them in jail. They should go to jail if there child support payment is 3 weeks or more late. 3 weeks is enough time so that the child want have to suffer no longer than they should. The place of arrest should be at their job or hang out area. What an awesome way to put these men down just like they done to their child.

By doing this it will show these men that their behavior is not acceptable. A father’s decision to leave their household and not help support his family can cause a lot of unnecessary conflict in the family. It is easy for a man and a woman to make a baby in the heat in the moment. However, in most cases the father decides he doesn’t want anything to do with the mother or the newborn leaving the baby fatherless. The responsibilities that the father is faced with such as child support or just being around a newborn baby can scare them away. It is not fair to a child or a mother to be walked out on. It is the father responsibility just as well as the mother to take care of a child that they created. Most men feel irritated with the mother but he’s only getting what he started.

Putting these men in jail will definitely make them start paying their child support. While these men are in jail they should be required to attend educational programs. This program will teach these men parenting skills and how important it is to be in their child’s life and the importance of child benefits and financial support. These men should also attend a psychology class that teaches them the consequences that a dead beat dad can have on their child. Dead beat dads should be required to read personal stories wrote by kids that experienced hurt that has been caused by men that has failed to be a father. Hopefully this will open up these men eyes and help them realize how much harm these children go through.

The goal is to teach these men how important it is to help these women out with the children they’ve created. Education is very important when it comes to these dead beat dads. With these educational parenting programs, these men would have what it takes to raise their children the right way. Dead beat dads will make better decisions on raising their child with education. Last but not least it is important that the actions we take teach these men a lesson that sticks with them for life. After they complete the educational classes, then these men should be placed in an afflicted home where they will be required to take care of a computerized baby for 1 month. These men will be forced to go find work to take care of themselves and the baby because no food, transportation, or clothes will be given to them.

These deadbeat dads shall be required to purchase baby food and diapers for the computerize baby. While these men attend these programs they will also be required to pay back all owed child support. With taking these steps these dead beat dads will understand the nurture of a child. With all this taking place dead beat dads want be a menace to our society any more. Men that choose to not take full responsibility for their children will no longer be accepted in this world. This problem will no longer exist. This problem with dead beat dads has not only affected families but also it has become a public problem that must be addressed now. The goal is to make sure that no child shall ever suffer again because of a dead beat dad. Innocent children need both of their parents in them lives. With these extremes our society will rehabilitate dead beat dads while helping innocent children.

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