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Dc Power Supply Report

Categories: PowerTechnology

Overview The goal of this experiment was to construct a power supply that would convert a 120-volt 60 Hz input ,such as that received from a wall socket, to a 12-volt dc voltage output with a ripple factor less than 0. % making it suitable for the operation of small electronic devices. Block Diagram Schematic Diagram Discussion The 120-volt rms 60 Hz input was used to represent a wall socket. To reduce the voltage from 120-volts to 12-volts a 10 to 1 step-down transformer was placed in the circuit.

An FWB bridge was implemented to convert the AC signal to a DC signal. A voltage regulator was added to stabilize the output. Capacitors were also added to aid in the stabilization of the output signal.

The capacitor values as well as the value of the load resistor were manipulated achieve the ideal output. Results Conclusion Utilizing the procedures apparatus discussed in this report, an output reasonably close to the ideal output was produced. The amount of components used in the experiment was minimized to reduce the overall cost of the circuit.

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However it was necessary to add capacitors to reduce the ripple voltage.

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