DBQ Justified In Waging War Essay

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DBQ Justified In Waging War

Restate Thesis. The Navigation Acts were issued in 1763 soon after The Proclamation of 1763. The Navigation Act required the 13 colonies to only use British ships, and any goods the 13 colonies bought had to go through England first to be inspected. This was one of the first acts that really got the patriots into the rebellion mode. Restated Thesis. Taxation without representation was common in the 13 colonies. Colonists often debated about why a small island, Great Britain, should rule a piece of a continent, the 13 colonies, from 3,000 miles away. The Stamp Act was issued by the British Parliament in 1765. The Stamp Act directly taxed printed materials. In Document 2, John Dickinson, a political leader from Pennsylvania, shows his disagreement with the Stamp Act. John Dickinson shares that Great Britain never thought the colonies would thrive as much as they did, so when the British Parliament issued the Stamp Act, and it was just for the purpose of raising Britain’s revenue, he disagreed with it. In addition, all the laws regarding the colonies only talked about regulating trade but it never intended the raising of taxes.

John Dickinson, like many other patriots tolerated the old taxes, but at the Stamp Act, they drew the line, because Britain was taking money from the abundant colonies, with no benefits in return. The Townshend Acts followed the Stamp Act in 1767. Similarly, in Document 2, John Dickinson talks about the Townshend Acts having the same purpose as the Stamp Act, bringing more money to Britain. However, this time, when the Townshend Acts were issued, the tax was hid in the price. Charles Townshend hoped the colonists would be glad there were no more taxes even though the taxes would be right in the price. Unfortunately for Great Britain, the colonists realized that Britain was trying to be sneaky and hide the tax, so they got even madder. Moreover, the British never succeeded in taxing the colonists without rebellion in return.

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