DBQ Andrew Jackson Essay

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DBQ Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a man of the people because he was once a part of the people. Before he was elected into office, he was a man who had lived a tough childhood but learned to manage and move forward to become a successful prosecutor and eventually a well known general. A man who has lived through a life filled with challenges knows what is best for his people and knows what they want. He wanted the people to be a part of the government. He wanted them to have a voice, which is why he believed in democracy but the way that he acted throughout his political career was not democratic at all.

Andrew Jackson accomplished to changed many things in the government without the people’s vote. He had a part in the spoils system and he made decisions for groups of people that were completely unfair. Andrew Jackson was not a big fan of how the government was previously ranned. There was always something that he wanted to change. One of the things he changed were the rotation of the government officials in office. Of course he kept in mind that the people should be able to control all offices in congress so he proposed a constitutional amendment. He was changing the time period elected officials should remain in office. Not only did he change it for everyone else but he also wanted to changed it for himself. (Document D).

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