Daytun Case Report Essay

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Daytun Case Report

A. Acquisition of the local dealership of office products and POS system company B. Acquisition of the dealership of Konica at the larger metropolitan area C. Establishing a new dealership in the small metropolitan area D. Acquisition of the local competitor E. Develop new business model like cost-per-copy product

Strategy A Analysis:

Since the current Copier business in Daytun increased only by 6.7% and the copier market is mature in London area, acquisition of the local POS dealership is the best strategy for Dayton to reach the goal within the next 2 years. Daytun needs to consider the following aspects in this strategy: 1. Can Daytun Finically secure to purchase the POS company? The value of the POS company is around $200-300K. Base on the current assets status, Daytun can slightly increase the debt from bank to purchase the company. 2. Can Daytun keep the same service excellence with the new business? The current POS company has the same service-oriented philosophy as Daytun does, and there is not dominated brand in the POS market. Daytun can establish the same reputation and earn the customer royalty.

3. Can Daytun merge with the POS company without losing the talnets? The current POS company has one 1/5 size of Daytun. Base on the very similar company culture and well-defined compensation policy, Daytun should be able to keep the talnets on both side. Daytun needs to provide more training to the whole new organization to understand and operate the new business in the very early stage. 4. Can management handle the acquisition and business expansion? Since the POS company is local, there is no geographical challenge to deal with by the senior executives. Daytun needs to provide more management training for the middle management level to allow the senior executives spend more time on acquisition and business expansion.


Daytun must make decision to purchase the local dealership of office system and POS company to reach the goal in the next 2 years. By doing that, Daytun needs to carefully deal with the acquisition process and improve the training in whole organization to keep the same excellence of customer services for both business. Daytun also need to invest on the POS market to establish the same reputation as it did in the copier market.

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