Daycare vs. Home for Children Essay

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Daycare vs. Home for Children

Introduction Nowadays parents are forced to put their children to daycare because both have to work to support family. While daycare are keeping children from infant to older age and for parents are much easier to put their children to day care, there is a great deal of issues about impact behavior. This is particular for children staying to day care long time. Therefore some parents compulsory put their children to daycare. This essay will argue strongly should having children at home. It looks of daycare children behavior and specifically of understanding a difference between children in daycare and children who take at home.

Firstly, there is evidence to suggest that per_school children who stay at home get individual attention so it helps to development the strong bond between the children and their mothers. For example, for infant is good time to stay at home with their mothers and having feeding face to face. Quoted (Lees,2006) 70 percent of children that had weak bond with their mothers and 90 percent of children whose having behavior problem such as emotional problem, displayed out bursts or confident with others children, they had not been in a strong bond properly in first 24 months.

Therefore, It is clear per_school children who stay at home get more attention that it helps to development their social _emotional in later. Another argument supporting the preschool children should not go to daycare is that children have a negative effect on behavior. Most the children who attend to daycare are from different family with different culture also education. They might be inappropriate play skills or behavior problems.

As well the preschool children easily learn from each other’s whole behavior and skills during play times, for this reason have seen behavior problems in per_school children who attend in daycare such as lying, cheating, rudeness, defiance. According to (Lees, 2006) the children who demonstrate behavior problems and also is so tough for their parents to control their bad behavior, they have been attended in daycare 20 hours daycare or more per week. A third reason is spread epidemic daisies in daycare. The children in daycare have proven to get four times sick as children who stay at home.

There are millions of bacteria in daycare to children get easily sick. Cold and flu are most common diseases which is easy to treatment while some diseases are difficult to treat. For example, ringworm and chicken pox both of them are so common in daycare and treat difficulty. In addition in the air condition dust is another problem, especially for allergy and asthma suffers. Therefore it is clear those children who stay at home protected of disease. However, there are some parents believe that per_school children who go to day care are better prepared for school.

Some believe they learn discipline by sitting the mat being quiet, problem solving and how to shear. As well the children who attending to day care have ability to communicate well with other children. As cited in (VAIMOSO, 2012) “ kids who have gone to preschool or kindergarten come prepared to listen, they socially interact. They recognize letters and numbers, which is big step”. Furthermore, attending to day care could be beneficial both for children and parents also is the big step for them to be successful person in society.

In conclusion parents should not send their per_school children to day care. The reason being the children who attend daycare can develop negative behavior and are placed in a epidemic diseases as well it is better for them stay at home where they have individual attention. I suggest if can somehow be cut or eliminate unnecessary bills during this important stage of per_school children life, could be better having one parent stay at home with them per_school children. It is therefore clear that if per_school children stay at home it is both beneficial for children and parents.

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