Dawn vs Ajax Essay

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Dawn vs Ajax


I am doing a project on comparing two different gum flavors from the same manufacturer. I chose this topic because I wanted to see which gum flavor would last the longest. I wanted to show people that like to chew gum which gum flavor to buy because of its flavor value. Hypothesis: I think that the spearmint-flavored gum will last longer because it’s flavor is stronger.


I think that the spearmint gum flavor will last longer because its flavor is stronger. My hypothesis was correct.


1. 3 pieces of Wrigley’s spearmint gum
2. 3 pieces of Wrigley’s peppermint gum
3. 1 Timer (stopwatch or clock)
4. A tester or yourself to chew the gum
5. A record log
6. A pen (or pencil)
7. Lemon juice or water to cleanse mouth (optional)


1. Gather all materials
2. Have the tester start chewing the first piece of Wrigley’s spearmint gum
3. Record the results of the piece of gum in the record log
4. Repeat steps 2-3 two more times
5. Record the results of the two pieces of gum in the record log 6. Next I will have the tester chew I piece of Wrigley’s peppermint gum (you may decide to chew these pieces the next day or use water or lemon juice to cleanse mouth)
7. Record the results of that piece of gum in the record log
8. Repeat steps 6-7 two more times
9. Record the results of those pieces of gum in the record log

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