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Davis Moore thesis discusses and analyzes Essay

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Davis-Moore thesis discusses and analyzes the social equality and inequality and explains why different people obtain different rewards for the jobs that they do (Macionis, 2013). The general topic of the thesis is social stratification, which according to Davis-Moore, is present in every society due to the reason that it has some consequential benefits for the operation and the growth of the society. According to Davis-Moore, more reward is given to people that hold positions in the society that are considered to have some functional importance, such as that of a medical doctor (Macionis, 2013).

The result of the reward system in the society implies equality in opportunities while promoting inequality in terms of the outcome that people receive. Social stratification, according to Davis-Moore thesis, makes the society more productive as well as efficient.

The functional consequence of inequality in the society helps in ensuring that the relevant and skilled people fill various roles that are considered important in the society (Macionis, 2013).

Talented people in the society are supplied with the necessary opportunities and motivation that enable them to undertake training and thus result in filling of the important roles in the society (Macionis, 2013). People who are most talented perform the important functions in the society. The greatest rewards are also offered to the positions that require a lot of training and are of importance in the maintenance of the order and system in the society (Macionis, 2013). For example, doctors train for many years and, therefore, are expected to receive higher perks due to the kind of role they play in the society.

Engineers and pilots also take a lot of time to train hence the notion that they should receive higher rewards for their jobs. Melvin Tumin criticized Davis-Moore’s thesis of social stratification by saying that there has been no demonstration of functional importance of the varying positions in the society (Macionis, 2013). Melvin also notes that such a demonstration has not been made.


Macionis, J. (2013). Sociology. Pearson Education.

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