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Database Project Ideas Sql Server

Project Proposal:
This document suggests a few projects that’ll be interesting enough to work on, it will surely be a vast learning experience for me. 1 – E-School Management System
E-School Management System is a web-based School Management application. It will design for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. The main purpose of building this application is, the parents of students are very busy now days, so they can’t monitor their children and them activities properly and regularly. This E-School management system helps the parents monitor their children from anywhere.

They can check their children’s academic performance from a remote location. 2 – Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System project is to provide better hospital management services to both the doctors as well as patients. This Java based Hospital Management System will store all patients record and doctors details and it view patients bill. It can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Polyclinic or Pathology labs for maintaining patient details and their test results.

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3 – Central Library Management System

The Central Library Management System project is developed to store record. The aim of the research work is to develop the system for issuing books to students, teachers, add books, issue books, and return books, Fine calculation. 4 – Office Management System

The software Office Management Systems objective is to provide a system which manages the office activities using a computer within a fraction of seconds. The software stores all the important data’s like a manual file keeping system through a database. This automated system is user friendly and error free.

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Paper work and manual power can be reduced using this automated system. 5 – Hostel Management system

Hostel Management system is the system that manages the student data, staff data, students admission process and create receipt for the fees paid by the student who stay in the hostel and also help in maintaining visitor’s

Though BSE 3D is still at the very beginning of its exposure to the database environment, I’ll try my level best to overcome the hurdles and present a best developed project. FA12-BSE-177
Aimal Khan

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