Database Migration Or The Act Of Moving Computer Science Essay

DB2s cost theoretical account, a migration consists of two parts. First is a direct interlingual rendition, it migrate codification from the beginning spirit SQL or procedural logic to the mark. This interlingual rendition is a rigorous syntactic interlingual rendition of the codification. For illustration, to rewrite for cringle because the mark system uses a different sentence structure than the beginning would be called a interlingual rendition. The 2nd portion is the execution of workarounds for incompatible cases that have been identified by the analyser.

A workaround is when the mark database does non back up certain characteristics used in the beginning system, and the migration squad would necessitate to re-implement portion of the codification that uses these characteristics and bring forth new codification for the mark system that is of equal semantic behaviour. For illustration, calls to a proprietary natural linguistic communication processing map would necessitate a workaround. The costs of implementing workarounds are stored in the cognition base. Migration costs vary significantly depending on an extended list of factors, most notably the experience degree of the migration squad every bit good as the tools used in the migration procedure.

For illustration, some tools can assist with the direct interlingual rendition between different spirits of SQL, e.g. IBM ‘s Migration Toolkit, and the use of these tools can significantly cut down the cost.

Oracle Database Migration

Pitfalls and Promise An EnterpriseDB White Paper

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July, 2009

Migration tools besides do n’t hold human intelligence to make up one’s mind that merely

change overing sentence structure to syntax may non be the best acting consequence either.

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So, even after the tool converts the codification, manual intercession is

necessary. These tools besides ca n’t vouch the born-again codification will

really execute the same manner as the original codification and therefore potentially

return wrong consequences!

In add-on, these migration tools typically focus on the waiter / database

side and wholly disregard the application and any embedded SQL or

calls to hive away maps. This becomes the client ‘s duty to

analyze and manually modify the application logic.

Data Migration

Concepts & A ; Challenges-

By Gershon Pick March 2001

“ Data migration solutions extract informations from a beginning system, right mistakes, reformat, restructure and load the information into a replacing mark system ” .

Data migration is non a occupation to be taken casually. The information is an vastly valuable plus, built up over old ages of operations. The whole replacing undertaking relies on successful migration. If the migration undertaking runs into jobs, the hereafter of your company may be at interest.

Data Migration is a field that is frequently overlooked as a simple measure between retiring an bing platform and delivery to life a new one.

The existent undertaking of informations migration is a complex one necessitating experience and a elaborate apprehension of the stairss to be taken, both in footings of concern procedure and proficient execution. This includes a clear word picture of duty between IT and concern, since far excessively frequently the occupation of pull stringsing informations is relegated to IT, good outside of their nucleus competence. Enabling the migration requires a squad experienced in abstracting the proficient inside informations such that the concern squad can implement their regulations for migration without of all time composing a individual line of codification, at ask for IT.

Data migration requires human intercession. From planning and alteration control through the informations motion and waiter or application restart procedure, there are several degrees of staff labour and attempt.

This subdivision highlights the frequently boring methods of planning, transcript, move and confirmation undertakings that are required to be completed by the IT staff and/or external consulting resources.

“ Complete the alteration without anybody in the concern recognizing that it has happened ”

– Rob Dagley, CTO, Global Technology Services, IBM

There are many challenges associated with informations migration. First, the sum of informations to be migrated is increasing every bit rapidly as storage capacity grows. Second, informations migration is debatable for most users.

As storage capacity continues to turn exponentially, it ‘s of import to reassess the advantages and costs of informations migration tools.

Migrating from one database to another is frequently a bad, expensive, and time-consuming procedure.

Migrating from one database platform can be hard and clip devouring due to differences in criterions between sellers.

Data migration is the procedure of reassigning informations between storage types, formats, or computing machine systems. Data migration is normally performed programmatically to accomplish an machine-controlled migration, liberating up human resources from boring undertakings. It is required when organisations or persons change computing machine systems or upgrade to new systems, or when systems merge ( such as when the organisations that use them undergo a amalgamation or coup d’etat ) . ( Wiki 20/03/2013 )

1 Introduction

General Introduction

An independent package seller ( ISV ) is an single or concern that builds, develops and sells consumer or endeavor package. Although ISV-provided package is consumed by terminal users, it remains the belongings of the seller. ISVs frequently specialize in edifice applications for a specific niche or concern perpendicular, such as fiscal, selling and educational package.

In short under independent package seller ( ISV ) , company is doing, selling or geting package. As a portion of IBM ‘s strategic concern portfolio betterment, this industry giant maintain on geting new merchandises like OpenPages, i2, Sterling commercialism, UNICA Campaign and PSS Atlas etc. Such application merchandises typically rely on Relational Database Management System ( RDBMS ) merchandises as their backend informations waiter.

IBM DB2 is a relational theoretical account database waiter developed by IBM. There are three chief merchandises in the DB2 family-

DB2 for LUW ( Linux, Unix, and Windows ) ,

DB2 for z/OS ( mainframe ) ,

DB2 for iSeries ( once OS/400 ) .

DB2 UDB is a database leader in several engineerings, and offers true multi-platform support and scalability. The same database is able to blend work loads on a individual waiter. The DB2 UDB design handles work loads from high-volume on-line dealing processing ( OLTP ) to complex multi-user questions while keeping first-class public presentation. DB2 UDB is a true cross-platform relational database direction system ( RDBMS ) , running on a broad assortment of systems including Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIXA® , and Linux. IBM is perusing assorted undertakings to incorporate their internal ISV merchandises with DB2. There are six ground to migration database public presentation, cost economy, serviceability, scalability, dependability and efficiency from beginning to IBM DB2

Recently IBM owned a package company Tealeaf which is a Customer Experience Management ( CEM ) company. Tealeaf used Microsoft SQL Server database. So, Enable IBM ‘s internal Independent Software Vendor ( ISV ) merchandises on DB2.

Data migration is a subset of the informations integrating market. Data Migration is the procedure of reassigning informations from one system to another while altering the storage, database or application. Typically data migration occurs during an ascent of bing hardware or transportation to a wholly new system. Examples include: migration to or from hardware platform ; upgrading a database or migrating to new package ; or company-mergers when the parallel systems in the two companies need to be merged into one. There are three chief options to carry through informations migration:

Merge the systems from the two companies into a trade name new one

Migrate one of the systems to the other one.

Leave the systems as they are but create a common position on top of them – a information warehouse.

Data migration is a cardinal component to see when following any new system, either through purchase or new development. The procedure of interpreting informations from one format to another is a migration.

Data migration is necessary when an organisation decides to utilize a new calculating systems or database direction system that is incompatible with the current system.

Data migration is the procedure of making a transcript of informations from one platform to another without interrupting the running applications. Enablement means change overing or seting the application as per the demand of database. Integration is nil but the combination of both informations migration and enablement. Tealeaf company package is holding Microsoft SQL Server database which is integrated into IBM DB2. In integrating the database is move from MS SQL Server to IBM DB2 waiter ( Database Migration ) and harmonizing to it there may be alterations in application ( Enablement ) .

Figure 1.1: Typical Migration Architecture

Figure 1.1 shows typical Database migration architecture which contains a beginning database is migrated into mark database. In this undertaking beginning database is Microsoft SQL Server migrated to aim database as an IBM DB2 ( as shown in Figure 1.4 ) . The migration can be done by utilizing different tools such as a Database Migration Toolkit which is vendor dependant. Tool convert database books, tabular arraies, stored process, triggers, maps and many objects from beginning to aim database. The migration tool is migrate non merely database objects but besides informations.

The undermentioned Figure 1.2 show existent working of Internal ISV – DB2 Integration squad.

The integrating squad works on


Database scheme migration

Resolve issues / Answer questions.

ISV squad work on other portion such as unit trial, QA coverage, public presentation trial and installing.

Figure 1.2: Internal ISV- DB2 Integration / Enablement stairss.

Working of Integration squad


The appraisal begins with roll uping information about both the beginning and mark environments. Assessment is rating or appraisal of the nature, quality, or ability of person or something. Assessment average calculating or evaluating clip and cost require for migration. It can be evaluated by utilizing following points: –

Accessing the environments

In accessing the environments foremost gather all the information about application and beginning database every bit good as mark database and so name different software/drivers require to link to the databases. So this stairss gives the cost and clip require to entree the environments.


Different types of tools present in the market for appraisal intent which is vendor dependant. Tools carried out specific undertaking and on that footing cipher the appraisal. IBM uses tools for assessment intent know as Migration Evaluation and Enablement Tool ( MEET ) . It is used for automatically rating intent which gives information about how much database objects is straight migrated ( compatible objects ) and the objects which is non straight migrated ( incompatible objects ) .

Database scheme Migration

Figure 1.3: Database Migration.

Database migration is instead consecutive frontward, presuming the database is used merely as storage. It “ merely ” requires traveling the information from one database to another. However, even this may be a hard undertaking. The chief issues one may meet include:

Unmatched informations types ( figure, day of the month, sub-records )

Different character sets ( encoding )

Different informations types can be handled easy by come closing the closest type from the mark database to keep informations unity. If a beginning database supports complex informations formats ( e.g. sub-record ) , but the mark database does non, amending the applications utilizing the database is necessary. Similarly, if the beginning database supports different encoding in each column for a peculiar tabular array but the mark database does non, the applications utilizing the database demand to be exhaustively reviewed.

When a database is used non merely as informations storage, but besides to stand for concern logic in the signifier of stored processs and triggers, close attending must be paid when executing a feasibleness survey of the migration to aim database. Again, if the mark database does non back up some of the characteristics, alterations may necessitate to be implemented by applications or by middleware package.

Data migration is the procedure of doing an exact transcript of an organisation ‘s current information from one device to another device, sooner without interrupting or disenabling active applications and so airting all input/output ( I/O ) activity to the new device.

IBM has series of tools to transport out this migration,

IBM Data Movement Tool ( IDMT )

IBM Migration Toolkit ( MTK )

By utilizing this tools migration is done for compatible objects and staying incompatible objects is migrated by utilizing DB2 Command Line- Processor ( CLP ) i.e. by manually. Migrated database is sent to ISV squad for carried out following stairss. Team accomplishes the unit trial, QA coverage and public presentation trial. During this procedure if they get any issues / questions sing to database migration is send back to DB2 migration squad.

Resolve issues / Answer questions

Integration /Enablement squad will work out the issues given by ISV squad. After work outing the issues there is once more different types of trial is carried out to look into the working of application.

Migration Process flow

Figure 1.5 shows the flow of migration procedure. It contains following different procedure

Access the Migration Project: – The procedure is come under the assessment portion of an integrating squad.

Migrate the Schema & A ; Datas: – Migration of MS SQL Server database scheme and informations into IBM DB2 by utilizing different tools of IBM.

Migrate the Business Logic: – As per demand of database brand alterations into the Business logic and migrate it. In SQL waiter database had several schemes which are migrating in DB2 by doing three scheme.

Test the born-again database: – The migrated database must be trial to look into whether it is working decently or non.

Migrate Application: – After successful database migration, application migration should be done.

Test, integrate & A ; deploy: – Integrate the migrated application with mark database and so carried out trial and deployment.

Optimize the public presentation: – IBM holding different tools used to optimise the public presentation.

Figure 1.4: Migration procedure flow.

DB2 Integration Details Process Working

Figure 1.5: DB2 Integration Details Process Working.

Integration can be highly hard for a legion grounds. First, databases frequently store the same information in different ways, sometimes drastically so. Maping between these differences can be clip devouring, particularly when guaranting that the information transportations back and away right. Second, informations is frequently generated by third-party plans and so inserted into the database. When you integrate systems, you need to be certain you are non interrupting those third-party systems ‘ communicating procedures. Last, databases are frequently stored on different computing machines on different webs so maintaining the informations secure can be slippery.

Data Integration Areas

Data integrating is a term covering several distinguishable sub-areas such as:

Datas warehousing

Data migration

Data integrating involves uniting informations from several disparate beginnings, which are stored utilizing assorted engineerings and supply a incorporate position of the information. Data integrating becomes progressively of import in instances of unifying systems of two companies or consolidating applications within one company to supply a incorporate position of the company ‘s informations assets. The ulterior enterprise is frequently called a information warehouse.

Here the undertaking is working on 2nd portion where information migration is chief thing.

Server. You can besides utilize the

IBM DB2 Migration Toolkit ( MTK ) to recover structural and object information

from a SQL Server database.

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