Database Design and Implementation Coursework

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The aim of this database design and implementation coursework is to design and develop a Quorum Party Database system that will be interacted with the system online by the party goers who are enthusiastic to go and attend parties. It means that party goers/end users will become as a member by registering the site of our on-line party service company. We also create a prototype for web front-end form that will allow end users to check and register in Quorum Party database by including some sample required data.

After the given scenarios have been read, firstly, we need to make some assumptions that can be determined to be correct or faulty and can be clarified unclear business rules or procedures before building a database system. According to the coursework, the conceptual data model diagram has to be drawn using the Chen notation and the logical relational schema is needed to produce which defines the relationships between different tables. Both conceptual data model and logical relational schema have to be checked with 3NF, third normalization form.

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The considered tables should be created and inserted in DBMS Microsoft Access with some extra required information. Queries, reports and forms have to be produced with the sample data by writing SQL coding for given A1 to A6 from the Sample Applications of course work scenario. Finally, the snapshots of the resulting output produced should be shown once queries, reports and forms successfully run using the appropriate tools in the chosen DBMS Microsoft Access.

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