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Database analysis of ‘my schools swimming club Essay

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Background to the company

For my GCSE project I have based on my school’s swimming club. The problems that we are facing in my club are the numbers of people are increasing by each year. It is located Wolverhampton, and about 80 members are in it. Cost 10 pounds a months. We have our regular training twice a week, from 4pm to 5pm. Most of our club members are woman and their age range are from 15 to 40. Competitions are held during the Christmas. For every victory in the competitions, disco party will be held, which will be free for club members.

Details of the current system

At the moment all information is kept on paper, and many files have been used store those data. Most of it was written by hand and the spaces in one sheet are limited. Information like name, date of birth and the address, gender, cost for each month, etc. Whenever someone new joins, leaves and change in address, we will re- update the data of our computer system again. The data will be all stored in a CD and also keep it outside of the club’s compound in case there is a fire.

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Problems with the current system

Most of the data were been stored by paper and any thing might happen to it. Problems that you will face : can’t read handwriting, hard to find persons record, lost, mislaid, damaged, stolen, messy to edit, time consuming to write new card, what does she do with old records?, only one index, letters have to be written individually.


What data needs to be entered by the user?

We held our current data in paper, which held date like name, age, sex etc.

What processing is required?

The data will be required to store in the hard drive of the computer. Searches, quires, mail merge and also and pieces of data in order.

What are the output requirements?

Monitor and printers will be required

The data will be updated when a new member enters or there is a change in the old member’s address. They will hold about 100 or 200 records. The main people who will go on this data will mostly be the receptionist or the club manager. We are going to use the stand alone system due to the amount of members we have got in our club. The data should be access straight away when there is someone waiting.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of improving the current system, or introducing new paper base system?

The advantages will be the new system will make our life much more better and quicker access to data. This allows us to save the amount of spaces and time. And the disadvantages will be when you forgot to save some data, when there is a power cut then all the data will be gone and will need to be retyped.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of introducing a computer based system?

I have decided to introduce a computer based system because………….


Things that will be achieve:

* The customer wouldn’t have to wait for long, about 5 seconds.

* Making our life easier.

* Update data quicker and easily.

* Enable people to look up for information only if they have password.

* More free space when you insert all your data onto the computer.

If I can achieve all of the above my project will be a success.


First the application forms are printed out. The club’s members are asked to fill them up. The information is then transferred to the pc by typing in. After typing in the information, check if it is reasonable. If no, an error message will appear and you have to type in the information again into the pc. If yes, check it against the data with the form. If mistakes appear again then you have to type it up again. Type till there are no mistakes and save the data. Go to mail merge and print off letters to the members.

Software and hardware

In this section I’m going to recommend the hardware and software to my end user in a swimming club. Examples: Hard drive, Ram, Monitor, Processor, Printer, etc.




Allows the computer to operate lots of files without a long delay or loading

Hard drive- Small

Data base and spreadsheet won’t take out much space, so I will not need lots of memory in my hard drive.

Ram- 256mb

Only a small amount is needed because most work will not take up a lot of spaces.

Monitor- Mid flat screen

So that is looks professional and easier to work from.


So that I can store more data and back ups for emergency, i.e. Fire, lost, wet.


Reason for choosing them

Intel Pentium M processor 740 (1.73GHz, 2Mb L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)

Data can be operates quicker.

Hitachi 60GB- Hard drive

So data can be stored without any worries for spaces.


Bigger memory for storing data.

Monitor- 17.0 Ultra Sharp Wide Screen XGA (1440* 900) TFT Sharp

It will not strain your eyes easily.

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