Data Protection Act 1998 Essay

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Data Protection Act 1998

During face to face and telephone conversation you should always be well mannered, presentable and speak with appropriate language and be informative to the conversation at hand. What type of questioning you as a therapist should use; You should always use open and closed questions when dealing with a client, open question e. g. what treatments have you had before. A closed question e. g. have had this treatment before. Personal behaviour;

Your personal behaviour should always be professional and informative to the client’s needs so you give the best options to your client with the next professional presentation. Personal professional presentation; Your professional personal presentation should always be clean, neat and fresh smelling and meet the salons rules and regulation, because the first person the client meets and see’s is you, and you should show a good presentation because your jobs is to make the client look and feel more beautiful whilst selling products to them.

Data protection and storage information; Data protection and storage of information should always be followed to the data protection act regulations, to avoid any information being found be someone inappropriate and used in a harmful way. This information should be stored away in a locked cupboard or on computer with a password. Timings and costs;

Timing and costs should always be memorised and learnt by all staff members to ensure the salon runs efficiently, that the clients are well informed on procedures and prices and so that there is no dispute with the information given and that treatments won go over causing over booking of the therapist and loss of profits for the salon. How to keep payments safe and secure; Payments should be kept safe and secure in a cash register with a key or electronic lock, and only people of authority should have a copy of a copy of the keys or codes.

What types of problems that may occur in the salon; Miss-informed treatment prices leading to an unhappy customer. Clients being late for appointments and being turned away or asked to wait due to time keeping the receptionist and therapist has to keep to run a smooth salon. Contra-actions due to a reaction to certain treatments leading to an unhappy client. All of these problems should be referred to the salon manager or owner to deal with, as you as the therapist have no jurisdiction here, unless you are salon manager.

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