Data flow diagram Essay

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Data flow diagram

Current state of Technology, statement of the major and minor problems, general and specific objectives, scope and limitation are introduced and discussed in this documentation’s chapter 1. Theoretical framework is stated in chapter 2. This chapter 2 is where methodologies including references and models used in developing Sales and Inventory System are discussed. Essential discussion and introduction for Prosight Eyecare Provider Sales and Inventory System are stated in chapter 3, as well as the diagram needed in developing effective and normalized database and the system itself.

Eyecare Provider Inventory and Sales System is an inventory system and Sales System that small business transaction . This is to handle sales, purchasing and inventory management. It helps to organize customer purchase order, By using this, Prosight Eyecare Provider Inventory and Sales System, business can helps for less effort. It offers faster and quicker inventory management that counts the movement of stocks for all the accounts and transaction made. 1.2 Statement of the Problem. Develop module to return products include replacement for returned items automatically.

To develop modules to void item need administrator for reduce to purchase an item.

To develop modules to purchase item need type a product code for include a purchase order and it computes as well.

To develop modules to received a purchase products for show of all purchase every invoice.

Scope and Limitation

The system is all about Prosight Eyecare Provider Sales and Inventory System. The scopes of the system are the following: Tracking of purchase order, receiving purchase order and return of products to supplier. All transaction will be recorded. Reports needed for the inventory can also be generated by the system. The system is capable of tracking and monitoring of stocks. Inventory will be automatically calculated for every transaction that may affect the inventory. Reorder point is also generated by the system. Purchase item it will be automatic put the inventory records

The systems’ functionality will only be limited for the sales and inventory of Prosight Eyecare Provider. Accounting system of the business is not included in the system.

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