Darry and Sodapop Essay

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Darry and Sodapop

An outsider is a person who is different from other people or a group. These people are called outsiders because of the way they look, their appearances, views, preferences or opinions, but also the way they do things. But outsiders could also mean if a person is not accepted in a gang/group or even a society. The outsiders in The Outsiders are The Greasers who are Ponyboy Curtis, Darry, Sodapop, Two-bit, Steve Randle, Dally Winston and Johnny Code. Ponyboy is an outsider to the gang because he also the one in his gang who gets A’s at school and plus he has been moved up a year.

The other main reason that he is an outsider of the gang is that him and his best friend Johnny often watch sunsets together. Johnny is an outsider because unlike the other Greasers he doesn’t like to fight. He is only apart of The Greasers because he is best friends with Ponyboy. The rest of the gang, The Greasers are all outsiders because they are not as well off as The Soc’s and have different way of life and society. The Greasers are proud to be Greasers because they do what they want, when they want. They make themselves stand out by the way; they do their hair and wear their clothes.

Randy and Cherry are naturally Soc’s but as the book progress they both think differently than The Soc’s and other people. They start to go different ways from The Soc and go towards The Greasers. In the book Frankenstein, Frankenstein makes himself an outsider. He makes himself an outsider because he spends so long working on the monster and he neglects everything else. He becomes more of an outsider when the monster kills his brother, wife and best friend. By doing this the monster is showing Frankenstein what problems he has and turns Frankenstein into an outsider.

This makes Frankenstein want to die. The other outsider in Frankenstein is the Monster. The monster is an outsider because at the way he looks. He looks very ugly, hideous and everyone screams when they see his face. Nobody wants to know him after they see his face. Everybody except Frankenstein is scared of him and then Frankenstein turns his back on him. The monster started his life as a kind being, but a series of events turned him to evil. One example was when he was driven away from Frankenstein when Frankenstein refused him.

These were the main outsiders in both The Outsiders and Frankenstein books. These characters were outsiders because they are different to society in what they do and how they look. In The Outsiders, the story is told by Ponyboy and is in 1st person. The book happens in chronologically order, which means that it is described or told in order. Even though Ponyboy is telling the story he is not always there he is just reporting to the reader. Like when he doesn’t know Johnny killed The Soc and he had to ask him.

The events before the book are brought up at the start of the book to explain things, like they tell you about Ponyboy’s mother and dad being killed in a car crash. It is set in America in the early 60’s. In Frankenstein the captain in letterform tells the whole story to his sister. However most of the book is Frankenstein’s account and what he ahs told the captain. Frankenstein also relates to the captain on what the monster tells him. The whole story is told in 1st person by 3 different narratives that are Frankenstein, the Monster and the Captain.

The book is set in the late 18th century and all the characters in the story are of upper class. This means they speak very formally and posh to each other. An example of this would be “My dear Victor” cried he “What for gods sake is the matter” Nowadays we would just say “What’s the matter Victor”? The setting of the book is mostly in Switzerland. Frankenstein was born in Geneva and went to the university of Inglestadt. It is here where he creates the monster. They also go around Europe, but some parts of the book are in the North Pole.

The places where they visit in Europe are Italy, Germany, France and Austria. In the Outsiders emotion is shown by how the Greasers look out for each other. Like how everyone goes to visit Johnny in hospital and how Dally always lets other Greasers stay at their house when they are in trouble. Emotion is also shown by Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally risk their life’s to rescue the children from the burning down church. In the book Dally is a person that cares for no one but himself and looks out for himself. But in this scene you see a different kind of person that cares.

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